Watch: Bristol Bar releases contender for best trick shot you’ll ever see

It case you’ve been offline all day, a Bristol bar has stolen the hearts of social media with a golf/pool trick shot that really has to be seen to be believed.

Allstars Sports Bar Bristol released a video of the lengthy shot to celebrate the new year two days ago, but it was only picked up by the likes of Sky Sports News and BBC Sport today.

The trick – which must have taken a painstaking operation to set up – takes in putting, stairs, pool cues, balls and loads of tables to pull off one of the best efforts we’ve ever seen here in Power Tower.

You can’t help but say bravo to them at the end, although they must have way too much time on their hands to set this up!

Still they’ve hit a hole in one with this and you can enjoy the video for yourself below:

What do you think?