Watch: National Lacrosse League does brawls right as goalies throw down

Who needs the wrestling or MMA when you’ve got lacrosse

Fighting used to be the only reason people this side of the Pond used to watch hockey – well it’s seems it’s got a new challenger because the sport of lacrosse has the brawl down to a fine art.

Lacrosse is played as a contact team sport as they chase a small rubber ball across a field or an indoor arena. The players play with lacrosse stick, which are poles with a mesh on the end to catch, pass and shoot the ball.

It’s fair to say the players aren’t afraid to use the stick either, frequently whacking and slashing at their opponents with it. This, of course, leads to the odd brawl – like this one from the preseason game between the Saskatchewan Rush and Calgary Roughnecks last Friday.

After an initial scrap, the referee’s seem to have absolutely no luck in stopping the sides from getting at each other.

It all builds to an exciting finish as the two goalie padded up to the gills decide to duke it out sending the crowd wild!

Instead on trying to distract from the scenes, the organisers make a show of it complete with blaring music and a bloody fog machine behind the goals. Check out the action below:

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