Watch hockey goalie’s front teeth get smashed after stopping shot with his face

Quick someone call the dentist!

In all sports it’s kind of an accepted principal that you’ve got to be a bit mad to be a keeper, well in ice hockey you’ve got to be particularly crazy judging by this clip from the NHL.

Now, having a snuggle-toothed smile isn’t uncommon for normal hockey players, but it’s very rare to see a hockey goalie lose teeth given that they’re the only player on the team in a full face mask.

Poor Tampa Bay Lightning keeper Ben Bishop lost his pearly whites last night after bravely using his FACE to stop a ferocious drive from Peter Holland of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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In the footage you can see the keeper slump to the ice as he gets chattered by the puck right in the face guard.

Unfortunately for Bishop, it did little to stop his two teeth failing out and the video later shows the full extent of the damage as he’s being examined by a trainer.

Bishop’s sacrifice was worth it in the end, as his side would go onto to beat the Maple Leafs 7-3.

We hope he had dental in his contract though! Check out the video below:

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