Watch cyclist squirt rival right in the kisser with water bottle after seeing red

Despite heading the peloton he slowed down to give it his fellow competitor

While riding in the UCI Road World Championships road race in Qatar yesterday, the red mist descended for German cyclist John Degenkolb.

Degenkolb had apparently missed a split in the race and blamed the Belgian team for riding too hard at the front.

As frustration boiled over inside the German he spotted Belgian rival Jens Debusschere at the head of the peloton and proceeded to disgustingly spray Debusschere right in the face with his water bottle in revenge.

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Credit must go to Debusschere for not retaliating to the idiotic act, all the Belgian did was wipe his face and carry on cycling after the incident.

Debusschere would have the last laugh though, as Degenkolb was forced to pull out of the race after 40km suffering from the heat in Qatar (who can wait for the World Cup eh).

Cycling does love a bad boy, just ask Lance Armstrong, and it may now have a new one in Degenkolb.

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