Who is going to die first Game Of Thrones season six?

The undertakers of Westeros will be rubbing their hands with glee


Who is likely to be the first character to die in series six?

There’s been a disappointing lack of swords, excessive violence and rampant dispassionate sex in our lives of late. And the chronic lack of dragons is really starting to hurt.

Thankfully, Games Of Thrones is making a return to our screens with its sixth series so all our cravings for needless killings, gratuitous nudity and pretending the Middle Ages was actually a really cool time to be alive and not just a horrible existence filled with grim servitude and disease will soon be satisfied. And working for Paddy Power, trust us, we’re very familiar horrible existences filled with grim servitude and disease.

We love it, but when it comes to actually predicting what might happen, we know as much as John Snow. The show’s famous penchant for killing off seemingly crucial characters means the actors shouldn’t burn too many bridges with their former colleagues on Emmerdale.

One day you could be on the verge of conquering King’s Landing, the next you could be ‘Customer drinking pint #2’ in the background at the Woolpack. With one sentence of script, your time on the show could be shorter than a pair of Tyrion Lannister’s pants. Ouch.

In the spirit of all the carnage, we’ve looked ahead series six of GoT and come up with odds on which of the main characters will be next to bite the Westeros dust and put them on this glorious infographic. And by ‘infographic’ we do of course mean ‘picture with words on it’.

In keeping with the chaos created by George RR Martin and the team of writers, the betting for first Games of Thrones character to be killed in series six is more open than than a gangbang around at Tyrion’s.

The High Sparrow leads the betting at odds of , partially because he’s always getting up in people’s grills and doesn’t mind ruffling some feathers. After that, Ramsay Snow and Brienne of Trath are 10/1 shots. In keeping with a huge cast, then there are about 30 characters between odds of 12/1 and 50/1 to be the first character to die in series six.

At the very bottom of the market are plot stalwarts Tyrion at and Cersei Lannister at . They’re long shots to get the axe first in the latest series, but other than the abundance of boobs and killings, you can’t be too sure of anything in the land of Westeros.

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