NFL Quiz: How many Super Bowl winners can you name?

A few tough ones here

Super Bowl LVIII

Another year, another four hours of ads in the middle of night interrupted by some resembling a sport.

Yes, it’s Super Bowl time and the Kansas City Chiefs meet the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL season grand finale and if you’re reading this you’re probably planning to stay awake until 4am or so on Monday morning.

There should be plenty of fireworks as the league’s best quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, goes up against the last pick of the 2022 NFL draft, Brock Purdy, and his plethora of offensive playmakers in a match-up that sees the NFC champion Niners slightly favoured over the defending Super Bowl champions.

But it’s so tough to call with the Chiefs defence emerging this season as one of the toughest groups in the league and lifting their less-than-studded offence past the rest of a top-heavy AFC.

And if you can’t make a call on the game, we’ve got another head-scratcher for you ponder with our Super Bowl quiz.

All you have to do is name every winner of the NFL’s championship game since way back on January 11, 1967.

In order.

In 12 minutes.

Here’s a hint – the Patriots and Steelers have won six each – so if you’re in doubt, guess one of them.

Here goes…

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