NFL Tips: Panthers snare Bears in this 15/1 Thursday Night Bet Builder

It might not be pretty, but our NFL oracle Andrew Cunneen says the Panthers will show their claws against the Bears on Thursday night


Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears Bet Builder Tips

Handicap: Panthers +3
Total Points: Over 38.5
Bryce Young: Over 215.5 Passing Yards
Adam Thielen: Over 68.5 Receiving Yards
Chuba Hubbard: Under 40.5 Rushing Yards

This matchup should be known solely as the Caleb Williams stakes.

For those unaware, I’m essentially suggesting that winning this game would be terrible for both franchises.

One thing I will clarify however, is that I’m not saying the Panthers would select him either – but by having the worst record in the league, they’d possess the rights to him: a potentially franchise-altering position to be in.

The Bears, however – oh boy.

These two teams probably came into this year with an ounce of hope about them. Justin Fields finished 2022 with plenty of good performances and many thought they would take a step forward.

Then the Panthers had the choice of Bryce Young or guaranteed Rookie of the Year CJ Stroud.

To suggest this hasn’t worked out would be underselling it.

But the NFL have decided to keep this one on primetime in the US, presumably just to make the country grateful for everything else going on around them.

Still, we’d all welcome a boost to the coffers wouldn’t we?

Bad football can make you wealthy, too. Just ask Carson Wentz.

Handicap: Panthers (+3)

These two have combined for three wins between them so it’s not as if there’s an easy answer here.

But what the Panthers have is a quarterback who should in theory be improving every week, and a staff whose primary job is to make it easier for him.

The Bears, in this instance, have no time to prepare for this game because they don’t even know who their starter will be.

It creates a totally disjointed feel – especially now that Khalil Herbert is coming back off of IR.

Their gameplan will be fragmented and generally in the NFL, unless you’re Joshua Dobbs, you need structure to succeed.

Total Point: Over 38.5

Here are the list of games in which the Bears have gone under 39.5 points this season: Bears v Vikings in Week Six. It was a divisional game so they knew how to play each other.

In the other eight games, they’ve had 41 points, 43 points, 42 points, 60 points, 60 points, 51 points, 44 points and 58 points.

It is not in their makeup to have close-run games and that’s a mentality thing that supersedes any stylistic clashes that may arise.

Bryce Young – Over 215.5 Passing Yards

I feel bad for him because in his young career, he’s played so many teams who play aggressive man coverage, and he simply can’t throw the ball to receivers because they’re not good enough to create separation.

Y’know who are a QB’s best friend? The Bears.

Teams are averaging a 70% completion rate against them and league-worst twenty passing touchdowns. They’re a mess on the back-end.

Bryce will have more time and space to throw the ball into than he’s used to.

Adam Thielen – Over 68.5 Receiving Yards

Thielen will benefit from this more than most, too. He gets the free completions underneath the zones and will set a season-high in receptions. They’ll probably keep a lid on the deep part of the field, but death by a million cuts still ends up in a bad situation.

Chuba Hubbard – Under 40.5 Rushing Yards

The only area in which the Bears excel is in run defense, and that took another big boost when they picked up Montez Sweat from Washington. His primary role is a pass rusher but he doesn’t need to come off the field due to his proficiency in playing the run.

Now, their 3.3 yards per carry allowed is the best in the league to begin with, so I’d suggest Chuba won’t even be a huge factor in their install this week.

NFL Betting Tips

Handicap: Panthers +3
Total Points: Over 38.5
Bryce Young: Over 215.5 Passing Yards
Adam Thielen: Over 68.5 Receiving Yards
Chuba Hubbard: Under 40.5 Rushing Yards

*All prices are bang up to date with our snazzy widgets, while odds in copy are accurate at time of publishing but subject to change.

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