7 burning questions to be answered in NFL Week 8

How will the Chargers manage to lose this week?

Aaron Rodgers


It’s your favourite time of the week – NFL burning questions!

To be honest, given we’re now at the midpoint of the season, we should stop having questions and start creating all the answers, but this league changes more than Tom Brady’s bowel movements.

I wonder what’s going to be topical this week – oh let’s have a look, shall we?

How will the Chargers manage to lose this week?

The Chargers were first-and-goal from the 1-yard line last week, with 38 seconds left – and were just three points behind. They lost. Yes, I know.

If anything, though, it kinda makes them can’t miss, car crash television – and that might be the weird approach to selling more tickets in Hollywood Park for them.

I mean, they’ve tried absolutely everything else. Everyone likes a bit of drama, don’t they?

Philip Rivers

Will the Niners pass their toughest test to date?

Carolina are the best team in the NFL, but they’ve very much got the hardest asset to stop. So far, only Tampa Bay have shut down Christian McCaffrey, but failed miserably to do so next time out.

You can adjust to him, but then he’ll readjust. If anyone in the league has a cunning plan for him, it has to be Robert Saleh – and this battle of immovable object and unstoppable force should be the highlight of the entire billing this week.

Are the Raiders post-season ready?

3-3 is an impressive start, especially considering many had them to win three games, period. Jon Gruden may not be the smartest coach in football and that’s being generous – but he has the people skills to make you run through a brick wall for him.

Well, they’re going to need to if they want to face down these Houston Texans. Houston are a perennial playoff team and how they deal with the pass rush will be a big insight into just how far they can go.

Derek Carr Jon Gruden

Can Ryan Tannehill get himself a big extension?

He was decent against the Chargers, you know. And there’s little hope of the Titans holding on to Marcus Mariota after this season. If they do, it’s to trade him away – but the replacement needs to be found. Is it possible he’s already IN THE BUILDING?

Another strong display against the Bucs would go a long way to proving that he is, despite the taboo that follows him around.

Is Aaron Rodgers going to remind KC what a real superstar looks like?

Mahomes almost certainly won’t play on Sunday, and if he does, that’s worse for him long-term. But Aaron Rodgers is coming to town, and that’s the real show.

Comfortably the best quarterback in football, Rodgers sets the bar. How will the Kansas City crowd receive him, as he takes the spotlight away from the absentee gunslinger?

Can Seattle keep up in the West?

They need to keep up with the blistering pace set by Kyle Shanahan’s Niners and if they don’t get a win against Atlanta, they can forget it.

While the Seahawks are built to sustain success, they do have somewhat of a Super Bowl window, and losing this divisional title to the Niners would be a hammer blow to the organisation.

How will Darnold respond to seeing ghosts?

*insert ghastly-themed joke here* – happy Halloween!

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