7 burning questions ahead of a fiery NFL Gameweek 7

The final two are the most important of all.

Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans


Week 6 was tons of fun. The Cleveland Browns bandwagon breaking down; the Dolphins being the Dolphins; the Panthers confirmed Spurs were the problem, not the stadium – all sorts.

It’s been a weird season to this point. The Patriots have been steadily marching through everyone, but because it’s their defence, nobody mentions anything. It’s almost like Tom Brady’s personality was the all-consuming vacuum sucking in success and no other source could possibly be responsible.

I suppose it’s just one of life’s biggest mysteries. Do you know how you solve mysteries? You ask questions.

Did someone say questions? Yep, it’s time.

Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mari-Outta-Here?

He was replaced by Ryan Tannehill. I’m sure the good folks at the Tennessee titans will tell you that he was taken out to protect him, given they had been completely shut out, but I’m not sure I believe it.

If they want to try and grab some draft picks, some team are going to be stupid enough to hand over a second-round pick for the former Oregon Duck.

Tua, Herbert, Fromme or Burrows?

Who knows. The one thing we do absolutely know now, is that the Miami Dolphins will be getting the first overall pick in the 2020 draft.

The loss to Washington, in the most Dolphins fashion ever, was the final nail in the metaphorical coffin. Their re-build can officially begin, but which signal-caller do you think suits them best? As we go further into the season, watch Brian Flores alter his offence. Whoever that’s most suited to out of the top prospects may well be your answer.

Danger in the desert?

Arizona’s defence needs work, we understand that.

But this rebuild was never about the defence; making giving up touchdowns little more than a moot point. If that sounds dramatic, maybe it is – but Kliff’s high-powered empty sets are designed to outscore you – and nothing else.

There were serious signs of that scheme heating up against Atlanta, but it’s hard to know how much of that is down to Dan Quinn’s negligence.

Arizona Cardinals

Are the Niners actually Super Bowl contenders?

Robert Saleh is the best defensive coordinator in the NFL. Kyle Shanahan is the best offensive coordinator in the NFL.

They have a decent quarterback, the best tight end in football, no focal points on offence that require double teams and an ever-changing blitz look pre-snap.

Of course they’re contenders.

Should the Rams consider a rebuild?

Their roster, in parts, is really, really old. While McVay’s offensive scheme might be new and definitely not to be considered old-school, a lot of the parts required on defence were short-term solutions, starting with Eric Weddle.

They may have swapped Jalen Ramsey for Marcus Peters, but it would be better for this franchise if they cut their losses now instead of riding vintage to another heartbreaking nine-win season.

Will Spurs sign Christian McCaffrey?

To be fair, he’s the first athlete to entertain a crowd in that stadium that wasn’t playing Spurs.

For that and that alone, he’s very much being considered by Daniel Levy and co.

How many columns are we going to have to sit through that suggest all QBs get mono?

At least six.

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