Steelers on the slide? And 6 other huge questions for Week 2

They lost their star receiver and running back in the offseason and their defence looked atrocious against the Pats. Are Pittsburgh the pits in 2019?


Well, week 1 is in the books, and let me tell you – how about those Browns?

After a successful 11/2 treble gifted to you fine folks, here are some of the big talking points that await us in the second week of the 100th season of the National Football League.

Are the Chiefs in a bit of trouble?

The fashion in which they swept the Jags under the table is impressive, but a few different strands now see them potentially in some bother.

Pat Mahomes received medical treatment during that game and didn’t look totally comfortable on his ankle thereafter.

Tyreek Hill is probably going to land on IR, with seven weeks passing until he can return, while a bloke who nobody’s heard of came in as the signal-caller for Jacksonville midway through the game and he torched Kansas City.

Questions may be asked.

Are the Patriots going to be the first NFL team ever to score 100 points in a game?

They’re in Miami, FYI – with Antonio Brown.

And it’s not just the offence that makes me concerned for Miami, it’s the Patriots defence, too. They gave up just three points to the Steelers all game, and if they can successful run that tandem of lights-out defence and the immovable object that is Tom Brady, the Super Bowl should be a foregone conclusion, even at this early stage.

Can these standout rookies continue their blistering starts?

T.J. Hockenson put up 100+ yards and a touchdown on his debut for a Detroit team who were in complete control and somehow managed to get clawed back.

Terry McLaurin helped Washington on their way to false hope before eventually getting turned over by the Eagles, but he was outstanding.

A.J. Brown ran the entire route tree for Tennessee, Hollywood Brown picked up two touchdown catches and D.K. Metcalf looks a matchup nightmare in Seattle.

Is this a golden generation?

Could the Steelers be in contention for the #1 pick?

I’m not jumping the gun, but it may have been the most inept coaching display of the entire opening week, and that’s saying something when Adam Gase is living and breathing.

Mike Tomlin still won’t read the analytics and Keith Butler is the worst coordinator in all of football. They could very well give up 25 points a game, and how many regular season bouts can you realistically come out on top in when you’re doing that?

CLEVELAND, OHIO – SEPTEMBER 08: A Cleveland Browns fan shows his frustration during the second half against the Tennessee Titans at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 08, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Titans defeated the Browns 43-13. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Down on the Browns?

I’ve been calling Baker Mayfield a fraud since he left Oklahoma and I’ll continue to do so. Once NFL defences figure out his tendencies, you could put Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski and LaDainian Tomlinson around him and he still won’t survive.

That offensive line isn’t great but Mayfield has a number of tells in his eyes – and he’s almost too cocky to look off linebackers and safeties.

Tennessee were no great shakes and that’s a sign of things to come.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 08: Marlon Humphrey #44 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates with teammates after a interception against the Miami Dolphins during the fourth quarter at Hard Rock Stadium on September 08, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson: once-off or actual improvement?

Anything done against the Miami Dolphins requires a huge pinch of salt. Jackson looked functional, which is a number of levels ahead of where he was last season, but should we be getting excited?

A couple of the big throws were against blown coverages and the majority of the remainder were simple reads. Baltimore can simplify the offensive playbook for him, but it won’t work every week.

Luckily for him, they welcome the Cardinals in week 2.

Is Christian McCaffrey the best running back in the NFL?


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