Songs, Speeches and (Gatorade) Showers – The 5 Best Super Bowl Special Bets

It's Super Bowl time once again, which means it's time for our traders to outdo themselves with some utterly ridiculous novelty and special bets...


The Super Bowl, by definition, is the final game of the NFL season, contested between the winners of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. But in reality, it’s a batsh*t crazy five hours where absolutely anything is possible.

If great responsibility is required for great power, then great – by which I mean utterly ridiculous – betting markets are required for the Greatest Show on Turf.

And boy let me tell you – you’re about to make a few quid in the strangest ways possible.

How many songs will be played during the halftime show? – Under 7.5 (10/11)

Listen, there is nobody in the world quite sure why Maroon 5 are deemed big enough to follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and that hilarious bloke in a shark costume stood next to Katy Perry, but we’re stuck with them now.

Given the fact that they’ve blagged their way onto the stage, the last thing they’ll want to do is stick around too much. They’ll also want to hide the fact that every one of their songs sounds the exact same.

Back them to be gone sooner rather than later.

Who will Superbowl MVP mention first in speech? – Owner (17/2)

First of all, the MVP is going to be Tom Brady and we can all get ourselves worked up thinking it won’t be – but it will be.

Even if New England hand the ball off 30 times over the course of the game, it’ll be put down to Brady checking into those plays.

So with that out of the way, it’s important to note that Robert Kraft recently came out and said he was open to Brady’s contract being extended. There you have it, folks – if someone wanted to give you another bunch of millions of dollars, you might just remember to thank him prior to the negotiations.

First Gatorade colour dunked over winning coach – Blue (4/1)

Well, it can’t be clear despite the short price.

We know New England like to get every advantage and if they were to accidentally on purpose mix some magical special potion into said container, then a clear base probably wouldn’t be the wisest of colours, now would it?

Rumour has it that James White loves Glacier Freeze. That’s good enough for my money.

Total Third Down Conversions – Over 10.5 (5/6)

New England put up their record-long opening drive in a playoff game against the Chargers three weeks ago. They then broke it a week later.

The Patriots are next to impossible to stop on third down. They could get eleven third down conversions by themselves in the first half, let alone a collective effort across all four quarters between the sides.

This is my favourite match bet of the entire Super Bowl.

Most Receiving Yards Match Bet – (Edelman v Cooks) – Edelman 4/5

New England play a very basic Cover 2 man system. They line up against you, drift a safety towards your best receiver and refuse to let you get the ball to him.

Julian Edelman is like death by a thousand pricks. He’ll be motioned at the line of scrimmage to confuse and then be completely isolated when nobody makes the adjustment on the back end.

We’ve read this story before, so we may as well make money while relaying it.

Odds correct at time of posting.

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