Why do people want the New England Patriots to lose the Super Bowl?

There’s no doubt who the vast majority of NFL fans want to win on Sunday, but why is there no love for Bill Belichick’s men?


Ahead of Super Bowl LII, the people’s favourites are most certainly the Philadelphia Eagles.

The vast majority of the sporting world will be hoping Tom Brady’s MVP-calibre season ends in failure. If you’re reading this, you probably detest the New England Patriots.

You’re not alone – there are millions of you.

They’re likely the most hated professional sports team on this planet, but why exactly is that?

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Let’s get it out of the way, first. Yes, you triggered Pats fans – everyone wishes they were you. Well, not quite.

They wish they had the same success as you, at least. Under Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots are 241-83, including a .750 win record in the postseason.

Since taking over the reins at Foxboro in 2000 when they went 5-11, the Patriots haven’t had a losing season. In fact, they’ve only had less than 10 wins in a campaign on one occasion. In the last eight years, they’ve not lost more than four games in any given regular season.

In 18 years, New England have dropped the AFC East crown just three times. They’ve been to eight Super Bowls in 17 years. That shouldn’t happen. They’ve also got the greatest player to ever play the game. Oh, and the greatest coach to ever coach the game.


Now, we’re not saying they’re a shower of big cheating b*stards, but conspiracy seems to find the Patriots a lot more than it does, others.

They were caught taping the Jets’ signals back in 2007, they were accused of stealing the Rams’ signals in 2002 and have had five players caught for taking performance-enhancing drugs since 2007.

Ex-Eagles coach Steve Spagnuolo has since come out and said he believes the Patriots were stealing his signals in 2005, too – and had to use two signal-callers when at the Giants.

This is before we get into ‘Deflategate’ and the ‘Tuck Rule’. For Raiders fans, we’ll skim over the latter by saying that it wasn’t the Patriots’ fault – but it does further add to the notion that everything goes for them.

Tom Brady purposely deflating footballs to benefit them, though? Well, that’s another story.


The three poster boys for the New England Patriots are Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski. Each of them are extremely problematic.

Brady, apart from his occasional fondness of literally bursting your balls, he’s best mates with Donald Trump. Dear Bill is ignorant towards the media, never smiles and has an awful wardrobe, while big Robert likes to assault rookies, act the frat boy and interfere in Wrestlemanias.

While it may be justified, the self-importance they project is nauseating and there’s hardly any wonder the rest of the league despises them.

Their fans embrace this, too. They love being hated and are happy to rattle off the reasons why you should support New England instead of being against them.

The Yankees may be the most successful professional sports team in the US, but nobody does self-congratulations like the New England Patriots accomplish every single year.

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