The ultimate Paddy Power All-Pro NFL Offence

As the season draws to a close, see who we're selecting for our All-Pro offence..,.


Bar a few playoff permutations, the meat of the regular season is over – and it’s time to dish out the Paddy Power All-Pro offence.

Quarterback: Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

Thirty touchdowns. Just eight picks. 4,387 yards. A QB rating of 104.2. He’s done all that without Julian Edelman and a star running back.

Brady may be forty years of age, but he’s been as good as ever – dissecting defences with motion, mismatches and checkdowns. This year’s best signal-caller.

Running Back: Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams)

I mean, come on. Nineteen touchdowns on the year – 13 rushing; 6 receiving. Over 2,000 yards from scrimmage and averaging 4.7 yards a carry.

Gurley has been the key element of the Rams’ upturn in fortunes under Sean McVay.

Wide Receiver: Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers)

There isn’t a better quarterback-wideout understanding in the league than Brown and Big Ben. Yet again, the former has benefited massively from his supplier.

Nine touchdowns and 1,500 yards. Standard, at this point.

Wide Receiver: Keenan Allen (Los Angeles Chargers)

After tearing his ACL in Kansas City on the opening day of the 2016 season, Allen must be in with a big shout for Comeback Player of the Year.

The Chargers are still alive ahead of week 17, and that’s because Allen cannot be covered by anyone.

Tight End: Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots)

He’s always in the news. Not always for the right reasons, either.

However, his talent level is far above anyone else in the league at the position. His hit on Tre’Davious White was disgusting and he was rightly cited. His 1,000-yard season was majestic. He is rightly commended.

Tight End: Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs)

Our tight end tandem won’t be anyone’s first selections for a pub quiz team, but they can catch a football and run with it. Kelce, like Gronkowski, has been superb for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

Left Tackle: Andrew Whitworth (Los Angeles Rams)

Sean McVay’s complex offence requires high IQ on the offensive line and veteran tackle acquisition Whitworth gives them just that.

Not only is he tasked with opening up lanes for PP All-Pro back Gurley, he has to protect Jared Goff. He’s done both exceptionally well.

Left Guard: Andrus Peat (New Orleans Saints)

Drew Brees has a glorious showdown in the playoffs on the way and a lot of that is down to the good blocking in front of him. As well as that, Alvin Kamara is a breakaway on countless screens.

Peat has shown the athleticism to make those moves for him.

Center: Travis Frederick (Dallas Cowboys)

Reach. And. Seal. Regardless of who’s been running into the lanes behind him, Dallas’ run game is dominant.

Frederick is a key reason why, as he snaps the ball and immediately seals off the opposing nose tackle back inside.

Right Guard: David DeCastro (Pittsburgh Steelers)

It’s quite an ask – to block for Le’Veon Bell. He wants time, and you can never accept that your job is done, even if the time elapsed is sizeable.

DeCastro is the leader of this Steelers group, who have re-established the toughness so frequently associated with them in the past.

Right Tackle: Lane Johnson (Philadelphia Eagles)

Johnson’s only twenty-seven, but has taken a lead role after left tackle Jason Peters went down. It’s been business as usual for them, though – thanks, in no small part, to Johnson’s dominance on the right-hand-side.

Carson Wentz has a lot to thank him for.

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