Watch: DeAndre Hopkins with a contender for touchdown catch of the year

Nuk gave Houston fans something to cheer about with this one anyway. Simply marvellous....


Getting through Christmas day isn’t bloody easy. The grub is good in fairness and the drunken arguments are quite entertaining but sitting through seven hours of Aunty Philomena talking shite about her new zumba class and taking it easy on the wine this year (after making a show of herself last year) is soul crushing.

Thankfully, she wasn’t true to her word on the latter and she was out cold on the couch by 9pm, which gave us just enough time to bed in and watch the Steelers take on the Texans at the NRG. With the obligatory box of Roses by our side ripe for picking.

Everyone complains that NFL games are too long. ‘Four hours? Ah that’s too drawn out for me now.’ Well we’ll argue that another time and I’ll give you a very very quick synopsis of how it went down:

The Steelers put on a dominant display, beating Houston by 34-6 and clinching a first-round bye in the playoffs. And despite it being too little, too late, DeAndre Hopkins made one of the touchdown catches of the year – if not ‘the’ catch.

Catching the ball while climbing over an opponent is one thing. But tipping it with your right hand, then catching it with your left as you fall and then managing to touch both feet down is just downright f*cking talented.

Fair balls Nuk. Your mate JJ was impressed too.

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