McGregor to face Cobra Kai’s John Kreese next at All Valley Karate Tournament ​

Didn't see that coming


Conor McGregor has revealed he’ll be participating in the Los Angeles All Valley Karate Tournament where he’ll be facing off against none other than Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese.

The 32-year-old made the announcement on Twitter earlier today much to the delight of his 8.5 million followers.

‘You asked. We listened, baby. I’ll be making my debut at the All Valley Karate Tournament against some 80s has-been, John Kreese’.

‘I’m gonna beat this overacting punk so bad, he’s gonna wish he was back inside a Vietnamese POW camp.

‘This guy thinks he’s a cobra? When he hits the mat, I will rush his hips and pass his guard and strangle him like a boa constrictor’.

Following his second-round defeat by Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi at the weekend, McGregor fans were left wondering what the former two-weight world champion’s next move would be.

Now it would seem the Notorious one hopes to resurrect his career by winning a High School karate tournament.

However, the Dublin-born fighter faces stiff competition in the form of ex-Special Forces captain Kreese.

After his military career, 75-year-old Kreese founded the Cobra Kai dojo in California to train local rich kids in Tang Soo Do and the art of sh*thousery.

Kreese, himself a 10th dan in sh*thousery, is looking forward to the bout with McGregor:

‘Mercy is for the weak. In the competition, in the streets, in a friendly Dublin boozer’.

‘Never trash talk a cobra. Cobras are dangerous when provoked. They can kill any animal on the planet. Except the mongoose. Which is weird. They’re like meerkats looking in a fairground mirror’.

If victorious, McGregor is expected to face either Daniel LaRusso or Johnny Lawrence in the final.

UFC president Dana White sees similarities between McGregor and Lawrence.

‘Like Johnny, Conor can’t seem to get over past defeats and likes to spend his downtime getting in skirmishes with random guys in bars’.

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