Conor McGregor announces retirement ahead of Dustin Poirier comeback ​

Not again!



Conor McGregor has announced his retirement from UFC ahead of his UFC comeback. The 32-year-old former featherweight and lightweight champion issued the statement on his Twitter account, where he also announced his previous 54 retirements.

McGregor wrote: “Hey guys. I’ve decided to retire from fighting again, just for the craic. What a ride it’s been”.

Following the announcement, MMA fans are eagerly anticipating McGregor’s now obligatory comeback statement in which he’ll spout some bo**ocks about the sport needing him. It’s understood the ‘Notorious’ one will spend his latest 24-hour retirement plugging any old s**te on social media.

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“Losing a competitor of Conor’s stature for a few hours is a huge blow for the company”, Dana White told Paddy Power News.

“The announcement has come as a shock to us all. It’s totally out of character for Conor to pull such a hollow attention seeking stunt as this. He’s let us all down. I’ll probably only work with him another 50 or 60 times”, confirmed White.

Meanwhile, Paddy Power News understands talks are already underway between McGregor’s entourage and UFC officials as they negotiate the Dublin-born fighter’s astonishing retirement U-turn.

“Conor’s ready to call out Mr T, Ivan Drago and Sagat from Street Fighter’, revealed a source close to the star. “All he’s after is a 95% share of a $500m purse”, he added. 

In related news, Irish government officials have confirmed that there are likely to be more McGregor retirement announcements in 2021 than lockdowns.

“These unprecedented times have been tough on us all, well except billionaires who’re making a fortune right now”, Taoiseach Micheál Martin told Paddy Power News.

“But looking on the brightside, we are now only a mere 16 lockdowns and 17 Conor McGregor retirements until Christmas”, he beamed.


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