UFC 245: Watch as Body parts get battered on a wild night in Washington

Exploding lips, crushed nuts & cracked chins. Sure what more could you want.

Being a professional MMA fighter is a dangerous business, but the fights in Washington DC on Saturday night seemed to produce more damage than usual, as we ticked off a bingo card full of damaged body parts during a crazy night of fights in the American capital.

Here’s a quick fight night inventory:


It was all going to plan for Dutch star Alistair Overeem, until our tip to win by KO Jairzinho Rozenstruik finally caught up with him in the final seconds of the fight.

Rozenstruik flew forward in the last few seconds and connected with a colossal right hand that not only sent “The Reem” crashing to the mat, it also exploded the Dutchman’s top lip.

I was there to see Robbie Lawler’s horrible sliced top lip at UFC 189 when he fought Rory MacDonald, but this one took gory cuts to a whole new level.

The stitching process must have been absolutely horrific.


They call Stefan Struve “The Skyscraper” for good reason. The big Dutchman stands a whopping seven feet tall, which makes knocking him out a (sound the pun klaxon) tall task for even the biggest of the UFC’s heavyweights.

Even “Big Ben” Rothwell struggled to land his shots on the towering Struve during their bout on the main card. But one place he seemingly had no trouble connecting with was Struve’s testicles.

Rothwell was warned after a low kick left Struve in a world of pain in Round 1. Then he repeated the feat with another low kick to the pills in the second. Struve could have declared himself out at that point and the bout would have been adjudged a no contest, but he gamely decided to continue, and was promptly finished before the end of the second round.

Oh yes, and Rothwell even revealed after his fight he split a toenail when he landed that first kick to Struve’s nuts. Painful, for sure, but we know which of the two heavyweights we’d rather be right now…


Aspen Ladd looks as innocent and quiet as you could imagine, so when she returned to her stool after two competitive rounds against Russian contender Yana Kunitskaya, you might have been shocked to see her coach going full Alex Ferguson and delivering an American version of “The Hairdryer” to the young fighter.

As it turns out, the telling off proved to be just what Ladd needed, as she came flying out of the corner for the third and final round and battered Kunitskaya for an emphatic third-round stoppage victory.


With their all-action, full-on-attack fighting styles, Matt Sayles vs Bryce Mitchell was always going to serve up some memorable violence, and it was Mitchell who lived up to his fighting moniker of “Thug-Nasty” as he locked up one of the rarest – and most painful – submissions in MMA, the “Twister”, to finish Sayles with 40 seconds to go in the opening round.

The submission, which sees the attacking fighter take his opponent’s back, then lock up both the legs and the neck before simultaneously torquing both in opposite directions, is just about as painful as it gets. Imagine a Chinese burn, but for the ENTIRE BODY, as joints, bones, muscles and tendons are all twisted and stretched further than the human body is designed to stretch.

It was only the second time a Twister had finished a fight in the UFC and, after the fight, Mitchell tweeted to share a few of his favourite things with his followers:


We probably should have realised we were in for something special when we witnessed a stunning knockout in the very first fight of the night.

Makhmud Muradov is famous for being the first MMA fighter to join Floyd Mayweather’s TMT stable, and he showed off the sort of handiwork that Floyd himself would have been proud of as he lit up Trevor Smith like a Christmas tree before sending “Hot Sauce’s” gumshield flying into the stands with a massive right hand that sent him face-planting into the mat.


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