Watch: Ouch! Bellator Headline fight ends in 15 secs after thundering kick in the cojones

We feel your pain Sergei, we feel it mate....


It’s a tough game the fight game. I mean, you train for 12 weeks, cut out the pints, the kebabs and the dominoes two for one deals. The bell rings, you’re all set to fight to the death, feeling good and then BAM! Your opponent just kicks you straight in the chicken tenders. Game over.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Sergei Kharitonov who was the poor soul on the end of Matt Mitrione’s left foot. Skip through to 3:16 (the rest is rubbish). You can pinpoint the sinking stomach moment, approximately six seconds after impact when the pain sets in. Ouch.

The fight was called off, resulting in a no contest – way to go Matt! Unfortunately for poor old Sergei it wasn’t just a 5-minute window of pain kind of job. He was brought into hospital, then discharged and then brought back in, suffering a haemorrhoid.

We don’t even want to know what that involves. Take it easy Sergei. Work on your accuracy Matt.

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