Darren Till: A good few fighters turned down the chance to fight me but Masvidal’s got balls

A fight with Colby was never close, he doesn't have the balls to face me. That's the truth....


I’ve got over seven weeks to get ready for UFC London and I feel like I’m going to be in really good shape. I’ve been training hard and I feel great. And I’m going to win, I’m definitely going to win. I can’t wait. The whole London card is boss so it’s going to be electric when it comes around.

A fight with Colby – although talked about in the media a lot throughout – was never close.

He’s got no balls. He probably deserves a title shot to be fair but he hasn’t got any balls to fight me. That’s the truth.

A few guys got offered the fight with me and they turned it down, that’s 100% fact. I had conference calls with Sean (Shelby) and Dana (White) and a few guys just didn’t want the fight. But Jorge Masvidal put the tweet out there and we got the fight made so all props to him. He’s a real game fighter and I’m certain,┬ácome March 16th, he’s going to bring his A game.

In MMA, I don’t believe there’s ever a perfect opponent because everybody brings something different but I think Masvidal for me now in London is the perfect fight – not the perfect opponent, but the perfect fight. It will be a great fight for the fans and that’s all I think about – what the good fights are.

He’s got a lot of experience on his side compared to me. He’s got a good ground game and a good wrestling background but so do I. I think if we’re talking strengths, my main strength coming into this fight will be in the stand-up. But we’ll see what happens on the night, anything can happen.

He’s a game, tough motherfu*ker so I like that about him. He’s got balls.

People ask about coming into a fight off a loss in the UFC and if it affects me. I’ve only had one for starters and secondly, it doesn’t affect me one bit. I know no matter what that I’m going to go down as one of the greats so I don’t think about that stuff at all.

Since September I’ve been in the gym, working with the goal every day to be evolving as a fighter and getting better and I’m doing that. I’m not thinking about title shots right now.

All I’m thinking about right now in my mind is beating Jorge Masvidal, in astonishing fashion.

This is a big year for me. I want to be active and I see myself fighting three times this year definitely. I want to be considered amongst the greats in the welterweight division and then I can move up division a happy man.

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