Watch: Ref KO’d as Muay Thai fighter scores stunning double knockout

Warning: Refereeing Muay Thai fights can be damaging for your health, as one poor ref in Thailand painfully found out this past weekend...


Fans pack the stands to watch Muay Thai fights in Thailand looking forward to seeing a knockout or two among a packed night of fights.

But nobody taking their seats for the Max Muay Thai event on Saturday night could have expected the spectacular knockout that happened this weekend. Or should that be “knockouts”. The bout between Gou Dakui and Super X Sitsondidech was in the second round with Dakui bossing the contest when the spectacular finish occurred with just over a minute to go in the round.

A couple of chopping overhand rights from close range had Sitsondidech stumbling back against the ropes, clearly in big trouble. And as Dakui moved in for the finish the referee, also sensing the end of the bout was nigh, also moved closer in readiness to step in and call a stop to the contest.

The stoppage came, but not in the way either fighter – or the referee – intended. With Sitsondidech already set to drop after Dakui’s powerful punches, Dakui decided to apply a spectacular finish to the bout and threw a full-power left high kick.

It was intended to land flush to Sitsondidech’s chin, but the kick was blocked. Not by an Sitsondidech’s arm, but by the referee’s face.

The kick landed flush on the official’s chin as he stepped in to end the bout, as both Sitsondidech AND the referee ended up on the canvas for an accidental, but brilliant, double KO.

The crowd loved it and the commentators (both in English and Thai) REALLY loved it. And, judging by the look on Dakui’s face in the corner after assessing the results of his handiwork, he seemed to rather enjoy it, too.

Given the spectacular action we see in martial arts contests around the world, it’s maybe a little surprising we don’t see more instances like this – the referees tend to dive in to stop fights with little regard for their own safety.

But while they do occasionally end up on the receiving end, few have been clipped quite as cleanly, or as spectacularly, as this.

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