Darren Till: My Boss 8/1 Double for UFC 230 in Madison Square Garden

Looking forward to this I am Paddy.....


Daniel Cormier v Derrick Lewis

I think this is a really interesting fight but I think Cormier is going to win. I think he’s just going to maul him, he’s going to take him down, push the pace and I think he’s going to choke him out. That’s what I see Cormier doing.

There is the potential of Derrick Lewis landing that big punch. He’s got serious knockout power and he’s on a great run at the moment. I love his story and his interviews but I don’t see it happening for the big man being honest. I think Cormier is too much of a smart fighter. He’s been there, done that and he’s proven he can handle and overcome any threat.

Then we have the GOAT of MMA, Jon Jones, coming back – my favourite fighter of all time – so I can’t wait to see him again and I don’t see Cormier or anyone beating him in the near future.

Anyway, Cormier gets business done here and by submission @ 17/10.

Chris Weidman v Jacare Souza

I think Weidman wins this one. He’s been under the radar for a while and might be a bit rusty since he last fought but he was the champion and he’s still a brilliant fighter so you can’t rule him out.

Souza looks big and hard as a fighter even though he came in lighter but Weidman will have a decent reach advantage and I think he’ll use it. Both of them are excellent on the ground, in wrestling and in Brazilian JiuJitsu, so I think if Weidman keeps it standing, uses his superior movement and presses the pace I think he’ll get the job done.

I was going to say Weidman on points but with Souza pushing 39, I’ll go with the KO – third round if you want to get more specific.

Darren Till’s UFC 230 Double pays 8/1:

Daniel Cormier by submission @ 17/10
Chris Weidmann by KO @ 23/10

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