Darren Till: Dana’s copped all the flak but he wants what’s best for MMA, not just UFC

It's a spectacle, it's entertainment, but let's focus on the positives with all this......


There’s been a lot talked about the aftermath of the Conor v Khabib fight.

I just don’t care about what people are saying. It’s so easy for the outside person to be saying ‘he shouldn’t have done that’. It doesn’t matter. It was entertainment and it’s in the heat of the moment. It will be used in a promo if they fight again. The only downside is for any kids in the crowd who witnessed that.

There’s been a big focus on the sport after the fight and it’s come in for a lot of criticism from journalists but for journalists who don’t understand the sport then why are they commenting on it? They just look stupid. I don’t understand politics so I don’t comment on it. Simple as that.

I believe that every profession, every job, everything in this world has a positive and negative so let’s just focus on the positives with MMA for a second: you can make an honest living from the sport, it can help you become a disciplined and healthy human being, you can travel and see the world, it can help build your confidence as a person – there are hundreds of positives I could list.

Look how much good the sport does. I get messages from people and kids, particularly, on a daily basis saying they are inspired but the pieces of shit in this world like to focus on the negatives.

If you look at the news every day or read the papers, it’s the negatives we’re all focused on. Why aren’t we focusing on the positives?

Dana’s coming in for a lot of flak as the head of the UFC on this but he’s built the sport and I think he cares about the sport.

People will always want someone to point the finger at and at the moment he’s that guy.

When the Manny Pacquiao versus Mayweather fight was getting postponed for ten years everyone was pointing the blame to Bob Arum because Mayweather and Bob Arum had a bad relationship and it just wasn’t the case. It’s the same now with Dana. He’s just taking the flak but I believe he wants what best for the sport. That’s why he’s in the game, because he’s a fight fan himself.

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