‘Whether it’s on the ground, wrestling or stand-up, I’m prepared for everything’

All the talking is done. It's fight time for the Gorilla......

It’s been a great camp, having everyone on the team under one roof. It’s like it’s been ‘Team Kaobon – Las Vegas’. I’ve had my girlfriend with me, I’ve had my coach and even extra people come into the camp.

We’ve had a fun time, we’ve had a hard time, we’ve had hard days, we’ve chilled out on the weekends, we went shopping on the strip, and now it’s come to the weight cut and fight and then head on home. Back to reality, as they say.

How the fight will go

I’m prepared for everything, every outcome in this fight. It’s MMA so whether it’s Tyron or any other fighter, you have to be prepared mentally and physically. And skill set wise, you have to have all of your skills sharp and in place. This sport can take you to many places in that octagon so you have to be ready for that.

We’ve had a few guys come in for this fight camp to help us out on the wrestling side, similar to Tyron’s shape and size but in my mind, whether it’s on the ground, wrestling, stand-up or wherever it goes, I know I’m going to be ok. I know I’m better than Tyron Woodley and I’m going to win the fight.

Every fight camp for every opponent, we change things up a little bit but if it’s not broke you don’t fix it. The mentality stays the same; we train really hard and we work our bo**ox off. That’s it at Team Kaobon – work ethic. We believe in the team, I believe in the team, the team believes in me and I believe in the coach and that’s it ultimately.

In my head this will be a tough test and a tough fight but I definitely see myself prevailing and it will be my arm lifted.

I’m confident, I’m young, I’m strong, I’m fast and I’m an intelligent fighter.

And more than anything, I’m a better fighter than Tyron so I’m going to get that belt, trust me.

I don’t think he’ll try and take me down straight away. I think he’s intelligent enough to know exactly what he’s doing inside there so we’ll see but I definitely think at some stage he will try and take me to the ground. I’m ready for it though, bring it on.

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