Darren Till: Logan Paul wouldn’t dare fight me – I’m a f*ckin animal

After hearing YouTuber Logan Paul was interested in getting involved in the UFC, Darren Till was not best pleased, and sent out a warning...


I’ve never met that guy, Logan Paul.

And I don’t care to meet him.

Whatever he’s doing, if he’s making money and making a name for himself and working hard then fair play to him. But listen, you might have a wrestling background and whatever but don’t disrespect the sport.

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I’m over here, as every other fighter is, working our bollocks off day in day out, really feeling the pain of the real MMA life and you just want to come in and fight CM Punk or Sage Northcutt or whoever it is. It’s not good for the sport. Yea, it brings attention and more viewers, but not in the right way.

This is fighting. This isn’t a joke or a game to me.

This is a serious business. And that’s why I tweeted about it. People say ‘I’d like to be the one to welcome him into the octagon’ after what he said – I wouldn’t welcome him if you paid me five million pounds!

How can he come into a cage to fight someone like me. I’m a fu*kin’ pure animal. He’s a YouTuber. It’s a different world.

I couldn’t go into his world and claim to be this YouTuber or whatever he does.

Don’t dare come into our world, the fighter’s world, inside the UFC, Bellator, Cage Warriors, all these top organisations.

Don’t do it. Just don’t.

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