‘I’ve got a day left to cut the weight. It’s not pleasant but I just have to get it done’

The Gorilla has landed in Vegas and is only one day away from stepping onto the scales......


I got here into Dallas on Tuesday night. It’s a good set up here. The weights room is good, it’s quite a hot room which helps. The treadmills are good, they’ve got a steam room, sauna and a hot tub and the workout rooms are top class so I’ve no complaints.

When you get to this level everything is in place for a reason. It’s all professional and everything is looked after by the UFC.

Weight cut

I’m close to weight cut now. I’ve got a day left to cut the weight so I’ll cut a bit in the morning and then I’ll do the last bit tomorrow night. That’s how it goes, it’s never pleasant but it’s part of the fight game and you just have to get it done.

I think not having such a long layoff since my last fight has definitely helped. And having Eoghan (Gallagher) in my camp as my nutritionist this time has made a massive difference. He’s been amazing – the food he cooks, at the right times, the right amounts, he weighs everything, he knows when to give me my water and my supplements.

He’s young and ambitious and he’s fu*king brilliant. His family are Irish and his name is obviously Irish but he’s from New York. He even looks Irish though!

I spent a lot of time with Forrest Griffin in Vegas as well. Everyday myself and Forrest would do the sauna together. He was telling me about how he used to do his weight cuts, how he used to fight and how much he loved fighting.

It was just really good listening to a living UFC legend talk, giving me respect and giving me the time of day. Time with people like that is invaluable and I really appreciated it and enjoyed his company.

First fight on American Soil 

People have asked me about this and whether if it will affect me or is it intimidating in anyway. Every fight for me is the same.

It doesn’t matter to me if it’s in a social club or if it’s on the biggest stage in the world – pay per view UFC. For me, a fight’s a fight, a man’s a man.

Two men are going into that octagon knowing they’re just two mortal human beings but they’re going in with a belief that they’ll be victorious. Anything can happen so that’s why I don’t look too much into that sort of stuff. I just look into my opponent and he’s just another man in my way of what I want to achieve.

Home advantage for Tyron 

I haven’t really looked at this fight as Tyron having home advantage. I know he is having a bad time with the fans lately because he does keep talking a lot and fans are seeing my rise and probably warming to me more because I’m the new kid on the block.

Tyron though has been around for a lot of years, he has gained a following so I don’t see me or him having an advantage. Both sets of fans will cheer for whoever they want to win but definitely he’s been having a hard time lately with the UFC fans.

Atmosphere doesn’t affect me. You hear the crowd, whether they are booing or cheering, when you’re walking out. You either laugh or you don’t.

To me, my mentality is there’s two men inside an octagon trying to beat each other. Everyone else can just sit off and shut up.

It’s irrelevant to me at that moment so I never look at who’s got the upper hand in terms of those advantages.

I believe the respect I’m getting from Tyron comes from him knowing and seeing who I am as a person and a fighter. And it’s good getting that respect from a champion. The feeling is mutual.

I respect him for what he’s done in the game and who he is but make no mistake about it, all respect goes out the window on Saturday. It’s about who’s got the biggest heart and the bigger will to win.

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