Darren Till: I’m 17-0! No-one in the UFC deserves this title shot more than me

The Gorilla's not happy that people are moaning about him not making weight...


If people are saying I shouldn’t get a title shot because I didn’t make weight then it’s a pretty poor excuse. I’ve got the second-best record in the whole of the UFC after Khabib. I’m 17-0! Who else deserves the title shot?

I know I said after the fight I didn’t deserve it but when they offer it to me I’ve got to make my case. Nobody has been able to beat me yet so why don’t I deserve a shot?

This all stems from one instance of me not making weight. Am I the only fighter in the UFC who hasn’t made weight? It’s just a bullshit excuse – it’s funny at this stage.

People are talking non-stop about my weight cut and if five weeks is enough time but a short camp is better for me. All I need to do now is get my weight down and train hard every day. Sometimes the long camps can take a toll on your body and your mind so for me it’s really good having a short camp. I like it.

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I enjoyed the press conference in LA and seeing Tyron Woodley up close. I said I didn’t see any fear in his eyes, just maybe a little dwindle of doubt but I enjoyed the back and forth with him. I enjoyed the stare down, sizing him up and seeing what he’s about.

He’s said he’s faced big welterweights like me before but trust me he hasn’t faced anyone like me. I’m more intelligent than all the others, and I’ve said this to him. I’ve just got that special ingredient that other fighters that he’s faced don’t have.

I know I have his number.

I’m not a stupid fighter so I don’t come to brawl. I come to technically beat you and that’s definitely something I do that other fighters don’t. I will outclass you technically as well as beat you down.

Tyron might be looking past me already. I don’t know how hard he trains, I don’t know how much of his head is in this game anymore. He says he wants to retire with the belt and nobody is taking it from him but it’s how far he’s willing to go.

I’m willing to do everything I need to take that belt from him and that’s what I’m going to be doing come September 8th. He’s not a bad champion. I think Tyron’s beaten some top competition, I just don’t think he’ll ever be considered the greatest welterweight of all time. I don’t think he’s done enough or pleased enough fans to get that title. And I will.

We’ll see how prepared he is on fight night.

The way I see it is to be classed as the champion or the best in the division, you’ve got to fight the best, win belts and then dominate, so defending the belt against the next best and doing it over again.

I’m not going to be at welterweight for long but in five weeks I’m winning that belt and then the best in line is getting that shot at me. I don’t want to pick and choose my competition, I’m not that type of fighter. If Dana White or Sean Shelby comes to me and says ‘Darren, you’re fighting this guy next’, I’d say ‘bring it on’.

Darren Till is 11/10 to beat Tyron Woodley at UFC 228

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