Darren Till: I have to be selfish, this title shot is 15 years in the making

Paddy Power ambassador, Till, explains his controversial ‘legacy’ comments and confirms sparring rumours with Mike Perry...


I’m getting a lot of stick about these ‘legacy’ comments. I haven’t really read what people have been saying to be honest but grown men and women have taken offence and my girlfriend’s just been laughing at all of it. That’s just funny sh*t. My girlfriend and my daughter, they know what’s what and she was right next to me when I was giving that interview. She was laughing at it.

Some people just need to stop being so offended.

Alright, the way it was said gave the impression I don’t give two sh*ts but right now, it’s all about me until September 8th. I have to be selfish. It’s all about being selfish in this game.

After the fight, everybody who knows me knows there will be down time and holidays where I go and see my daughter.

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People just don’t know the sacrifice it takes to be a top elite fighter.

In five weeks’ time all my life’s work will have led up to that one moment. This is 15 years in the making.

I couldn’t have got to where I am now without being selfish and working so hard and having bumps in the road. There were many days when I just couldn’t afford to eat because I just gave my whole life to fighting and now it’s paying off. People just don’t understand how top level fighting works, they look for every opportunity to be offended. It’s just online trolls who haven’t got a clue.

On sparring with Mike Perry

Mike asked me to spar after the press conference and I misunderstood him and thought he was asking me to the spa, but yeah we sparred. I’ve got rivalry with everyone who stands in my way, and if Mike and I ever fight then we will have a proper rivalry.

Outside the fighting and outside of all the bullshit, Mike is a nice guy and is just trying to better himself as a fighter, as am I, so what’s the problem with going behind closed doors and kicking the absolute shit out of each other and going for some food after?

I don’t see any problem with that.

When I did realise he meant ‘spar’ I was 100% down for that. People say you shouldn’t do it but we had a great time together.

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