Darren Till: I’ve always had that belief that nobody could beat me

Ahead of his big fight, the Gorilla talks about self belief, McGregor and moving up to middleweight....


The Hardest Kid on the block

I always knew as a kid I was a hard kid. I always thought that I was the hardest person around, no matter if it was an adult or a guy of my age I was butting heads with. I always thought that I was the hardest guy and nobody could beat me. I’ve had that mentality all my life and I still have it.

I think how hard we train in Team Kaobon strengthens your mind. It’s not normal how hard we train here and I know for a fact other gyms aren’t training at the level we are. It will either make you or definitely one hundred percent break you. For me, I don’t do mind training. Training here, like this, makes me mentally strong.

Goals in the Game

I want to be the greatest fighter in MMA. I want all the belts, all the wins, to beat all the best fighters and be considered the greatest. Money is just a side-line. It’s not the objective for me, it’s just a side-line.

I see myself eventually moving up in weight. If I win the title maybe I’ll have a title defence, maybe I’ll challenge the middleweight title holder. I just want to be the best so whatever that takes I’ll do it.

I think in a year or two, I’m going to be a good middleweight size. I think I’ll be a strong middleweight. Not to small, not to big, I’ll just be a good fast middleweight.

Potentially Facing McGregor

People say they want to fight McGregor because it’s the money fight but money’s a side-line for me so McGregor’s holds no interest to me.

I like the way he fights, his style. I think he’s very intelligent so for me to be able to outsmart McGregor, that’s the reason why I’d fight him. I’d enjoy and relish that challenge.

Obviously fighting McGregor brings a lot of attention and yea it is a money fight but I’m not in this game for the money. If it happened it happened, if not then that’s fine.

I don’t ever see myself fighting him being honest, he’d have to come up to my weight – which he easily could to be fair – but if he did I know I’d beat him. One hundred percent. I’d beat any man alive. Conor would not want to fight me, trust me.

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