Watch: UFC Embedded Footage shows all the angles of the Conor McGregor Fracas

Still wish they would've let him try and throw that guard rail.....


You’ve all seen the phone footage. Sure it’s the most talked about incident in the world at the moment. Trust Conor McGregor to steal the limelight off Liverpool’s unbelievable 3-0 thumping of City (neutral fan here *cough*).

Anyway, the best angle of all the McGregor instigated fracas has just been released by the Embedded lads from UFC. It shows all the WWE styled action you’ve seen already but gives you the additional angle from the bus and of the real victim here, Micheal Chiesa. Don’t be too down Mike, you’ll get a good few bob out of that cut.

Since all the foofaraw, McGregor’s been arrested, spent the night in the cell and released on $50k bail which, and I’ve worked it out, is the equivalent of an eight cent bail for me. But is he happy??!

Speaking of WWE, Wrestlmania is on tommorrow and we’ve got all the odds over at 

What do you think?