Watch: McGregor properly loses the plot after gatecrashing UFC 223 press Conference in NY

Even my Ma is tutting you Conor. She was such a big fan......


While most of us have the feet up with a cuppa in hand, watching the Masters (or god love you – watching Arsenal), Conor McGregor is over in New York doing his best to ruin any legacy/reputation he ever had with the UFC and the fans.

If you thought fatherhood might mellow out the Crumlin man, you were sadly mistaken. The Notorious seems to have his heart set on becoming the world’s biggest bellend after footage emerged of him hurling bins, chairs – and an attempted guard rail – at a bus carrying several other UFC fighters, including Khabib Nurmagomedov. I kind of wished they didn’t stop him throwing the rail to see how far he would’ve got it. Anyway, check out all the chaos from every angle below:

McGregor’s posse (known as ‘da f*ckin lads’) had reportedly been chasing Khabib and in the fracas, Michael Chiesa, who’s due to fight on Saturday, received a laceration to his forehead.

Artem Lobov, who was seen right in the mix of the scenes alongside McGregor has been removed from the card as a result of his involvement. The Russian Hammer had irked the UFC already by clashing with Khabib yesterday which saw him being transferred to a different hotel. Good result all round lads!

There were reports that there was a warrant for McGregor’s arrest, that his plane can’t leave New York and Dana White is going to sue him. Well Dana’s just confirmed all that. The Drama.

You wouldn’t see Katie Taylor acting the bollox like that. I’m going back to the Masters. Sergio’s just carded a 13 on a par 5, this day’s just getting better and better…..

We just hurl good bets over at – no chairs, bins, anything like that 

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