Watch: MMA fighter gets disqualified for front flipping off his KO’d opponent

This could possibly win the prize of weirdest ending to a fight ever.....


The Legacy Fighting Alliance 36 in California threw up some seriously good entertainment last night. I think it’s safe to say nobody in the crowd asked for their money back on this one.

The main card was action packed with some cracking fights but the real gem of the night’s entertainment came in the ‘postlims’ after the main event when heavyweights, Irvins Ayala and Drew Chatman, squared off.

Ayala swept Chatman to the ground two minutes into the first round but as he went to throw down a hammerfist, he knocked himself out after his head collided with Chatman’s knee.

Win for Chatman, right? Well, no. Chatman was then so chuffed with his victory he got up and proceeded to front flip off the back of Ayala as he laid out cold on the canvas – landing on his arse.

The LFA subsequently released a statement disqualifying Chatman for his antics.

Fair enough mate. If you’re going to do that shit, at least work on your landing so you don’t look like a bigger bellend.

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