UFC Fight Night 119: The Dragon’s comeback is ruined as Colby is pelted with rubbish

No.1 rule to endear yourself to a crowd: don't call them filthy animals.....

While Anthony Joshua was notching up another KO win on his belt (bit premature that stoppage, no?), UFC Fight Night 119 in Sao Paolo was just warming up. And what was a bit of a crazy night, there’s really only two things you need to know.


As always, the card saw many home crowd favourites on the bill, the likes of John Linekar and the rest of the boys. John Lineker?? Brazilian?Anyway, the main attraction was the return of the real life Karate Kid, Lyoto Machida. ‘The Dragon’ was making his long awaited comeback off a fashionable UFC drugs ban. 854 days to be exact, but sure who’s counting.

And while we all sat with our dads work ties around our heads in anticipation, hoping that he’d announce himself back with another of his famous crane kicks (stolen blatantly from Daniel in the original Karate Kid), all excitement was gone in two and a half minutes. And it was Derek Brunson that ruined the party.

Brunson, in fairness, had earned 6 of his 8 wins in the UFC by first round stoppage – the most in UFC middleweight history – so he was a danger. But let’s call a spade a spade here, he’s not on the same level – skill wise – as The Dragon. His big left hand is his real weapon and sure enough that’s what did the job for him.

That’s zero wins in three for Machida, his last coming almost three years ago. Think it’s time to hang up the hachimaki Lyoto mate.


While the reaction from the crowd was of eerie silence following Machida’s knockout, this was anything but. Covington faced the king of grappling, Demian Maia on his home turf and came out with a unanimous decision after bloodying Maia for three rounds in a striking match. Bizarre strategy for Maia – just fu*kin take him down, slither like a snake and submit him, Demian, no??.

Anyway, after riling up the Brazilian public pre-fight, usually most fighters would pay respect to the fans post-fight. Not Colby. He decided to go a good few steps further and really endear himself by calling Brazil a ‘dump’ and everyone in it ‘filthy animals’.

Safe to say, the crowd reacted and Colby had to make a swift, escorted exit pelted by rubbish thrown from the crowd. He pissed them off so much, he wasn’t even allowed attend the post fight press conference. AND, he got blown off for pints by the best fight destroyer in the game, referee Mario Yamasaki.

Good day’s work Colby. Word on the street is you’re getting investigated now over that. Shit one pal.

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