Watch: MMA fighter taps out opponent using the Walls of Jericho

It must be one of the weirdest finishes in the history of the sport…

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that professional wrestling is fake because we now finally have proof it’s as real as Vince McMahon’s bulging biceps!

This s**t hurts and if you don’t believe us then a video has emerged that backs up our claims as an MMA fighter used the actual Walls of Jericho to tap out his opponent last night.

The utterly unique submission took place at the Full Contact Contender 19 event in Bolton last night as Jonno Mears defeated Aaron Jones using the legendary move.

Jones felt what WWE superstars have been feeling for 17 years now and even the master of the submission himself, Chris Jericho gave his thumps up to Mears for locking it in.

Maybe CM Punk has a future in the sport after all, eh? Watch the magical moment for yourself below:

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