Who'll Be The Yorkshire Wonder Horse? Handicap (6) Class 6

  • Distance: 7f 219y
  • Age: 3yo
  • Runners: 9
  • Prize: £7,000
David Lumley & Prtnr silk
No. 7 Draw 9

Finally off the mark in handicap company at Beverley in July but below form both starts since. Needs to get back on track.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
21/07/22 Doncaster 10/11 David Allan Flat 7f 213y Firm B 9st 6lbs
12/07/22 Beverley 6/7 David Allan Flat 7f 96y Gd/Frm B 9st 1lbs
01/07/22 Beverley 1/10 S. B. Kirrane Flat 1m 100y Gd/Frm B 9st 4lbs
14/06/22 Beverley 2/10 Duran Fentiman Flat 7f 96y Gd/Frm B 9st 7lbs
30/05/22 Redcar 14/16 Duran Fentiman Flat 7f Gd/Sft 0 9st 4lbs
16/05/22 Redcar 7/13 Duran Fentiman Flat 7f 219y Gd/Sft 0 9st 0lbs
06/05/22 Ripon 5/8 Duran Fentiman Flat 1m Good 0 8st 13lbs
25/04/22 Thirsk -/6 David Allan Flat 7f 218y Good 0 9st 2lbs
15/10/21 Redcar 9/11 Shane Kelly Flat 7f Gd/Sft B 8st 10lbs
25/09/21 Ripon 5/11 Andrew Elliott Flat 1m Gd/Frm B 9st 7lbs
14/09/21 Redcar 2/12 David Allan Flat 7f Good B 9st 2lbs
03/09/21 Pontefract 6/6 Andrew Elliott Flat 6f Good B 8st 12lbs
28/08/21 Redcar 7/14 Andrew Elliott Flat 7f Gd/Frm B 9st 0lbs
15/08/21 Southwell 6/9 David Allan Flat 7f 14y Std B 9st 0lbs
30/07/21 Musselburgh 7/7 David Allan Flat 7f 33y Gd/Frm B 9st 0lbs
03/07/21 Beverley 2/10 Lewis Edmunds Flat 7f 96y Good 0 8st 9lbs
18/06/21 Redcar 1/10 Andrew Elliott Flat 7f Good B 8st 7lbs
11/05/21 Beverley 12/12 Lewis Edmunds Flat 5f Soft 9st 0lbs
Ged Martin Nick and Mrs R Carr silk
No. 8 Draw 5

Modest maiden who was below form when ninth of 13 in 7f handicap at Doncaster (good to firm) last week.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
30/07/22 Doncaster 9/13 James Sullivan Flat 7f 6y Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
17/07/22 Redcar 5/12 James Sullivan Flat 7f Gd/Frm 9st 3lbs
23/06/22 Leicester 8/8 Luke Morris Flat 7f Good 9st 1lbs
12/10/21 Newcastle 11/11 James Sullivan Flat 6f Slow 9st 2lbs
14/09/21 Redcar 8/8 James Sullivan Flat 5f Good 9st 2lbs
28/08/21 Redcar 2/9 James Sullivan Flat 5f 217y Gd/Frm 8st 12lbs
01/05/21 Thirsk 10/11 James Sullivan Flat 5f Good 9st 1lbs
Five of Us silk
No. 9 Draw 2

Modest maiden who has run well below form last 2 starts. Others preferred.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
03/08/22 Newcastle 7/10 Andrew Breslin Flat 7f 14y Slow 8st 5lbs
17/07/22 Redcar 10/11 James Sullivan Flat 1m 1f Gd/Frm 8st 5lbs
30/05/22 Redcar 3/16 Franny Norton Flat 7f Gd/Sft 8st 4lbs
20/04/22 Catterick Bridge 9/13 Dale Swift Flat 7f 6y Good 8st 10lbs
15/10/21 Newcastle 9/13 Tom Eaves Flat 7f 14y Slow 8st 7lbs
01/10/21 Newcastle 6/7 Tom Eaves Flat 1m 5y Slow 9st 5lbs
27/08/21 Thirsk 10/13 David Nolan Flat 7f 218y Good 9st 2lbs
24/06/21 Newcastle 13/13 Jamie Gormley Flat 7f 14y Slow 9st 5lbs
Merchant and Missionaries and Partner silk
No. 6 Draw 7

Fair maiden who backed up his previous effort when second of 9 in 1m handicap (10/1) at Ayr (good to soft) 12 days ago. Much respected off same mark.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
25/07/22 Ayr 2/9 Oisin James Orr Flat 1m Gd/Sft 9st 5lbs
11/07/22 Wolverhampton 3/8 Tony Hamilton Flat 1m 142y Slow 9st 10lbs
23/04/22 Haydock Park 10/13 Connor Murtagh Flat 7f 212y Gd/Frm 0 8st 9lbs
11/04/22 Pontefract 8/9 Paul Hanagan Flat 1m 6y Soft 9st 2lbs
02/10/21 Redcar 9/9 Paul Hanagan Flat 7f Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
26/08/21 Carlisle 9/12 Paul Hanagan Flat 5f 182y Gd/Frm 9st 2lbs
04/08/21 Pontefract 4/14 Paul Hanagan Flat 6f Heavy 9st 5lbs
High Hopes Partnership and Partner silk
No. 2 Draw 1

Blinkered for 1st time, fifth of 6 in handicap (11/2) at Pontefract (10f, good) 22 days ago. Back down in trip and possibilities if returning to the pick of his form.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
15/07/22 Pontefract 5/6 Connor Beasley Flat 1m 2f 5y Good B 9st 8lbs
09/06/22 Haydock Park 7/13 Connor Beasley Flat 1m 2f 42y Good 9st 9lbs
20/05/22 Haydock Park 2/10 Connor Beasley Flat 7f 212y Gd/Frm 9st 9lbs
02/11/21 Redcar 5/13 Connor Beasley Flat 7f Soft 9st 5lbs
02/10/21 Redcar 5/9 Tom Eaves Flat 7f Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
04/09/21 Thirsk 10/11 Paul Mulrennan Flat 7f Good 9st 2lbs
White Rose Bloodstock silk
No. 5 Draw 3

Fair maiden who seemed to run well for new connections after 8 months off (left John & Thady Gosden) when fourth of 6 in 1m handicap at Newmarket (good) 15 days ago. Not dismissed from 2 lb lower.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
22/07/22 Newmarket (July) 4/6 Paul Hanagan Flat 1m Good 9st 4lbs
24/11/21 Kempton Park 9/13 Kieran O'Neill Flat 1m Slow 9st 5lbs
03/11/21 Kempton Park 14/14 Georgia Cox Flat 7f Slow 9st 0lbs
20/10/21 Kempton Park 6/13 Robert Havlin Flat 7f Slow 9st 0lbs
25/09/21 Newmarket (Rowley) 5/9 Robert Havlin Flat 7f Gd/Frm 9st 0lbs
The Wolf Pack 2 and Partner silk
No. 4 Draw 8

Lightly-raced maiden who failed to improved when last of 7 on handicap debut (14/1) at Carlisle (11.2f, good) 54 days ago. Down in trip.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
13/06/22 Carlisle 7/7 David Allan Flat 1m 3f 39y Good 9st 6lbs
30/05/22 Redcar 3/5 David Allan Flat 1m 2f 1y Gd/Sft 9st 2lbs
25/10/21 Redcar 9/15 Ella McCain Flat 5f 217y Gd/Sft 9st 2lbs
15/10/21 Redcar 5/9 David Nolan Flat 5f 217y Gd/Sft 9st 5lbs
02/10/21 Redcar 8/9 Duran Fentiman Flat 7f Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
Mr Dennis Mawer silk
No. 1 Draw 6

Lightly-raced maiden who shaped well on the back of a breathing operation when fifth of 11 in maiden at Southwell (6.1f) in January. Sold from David Barron for only £5,500 subsequently.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
27/01/22 Southwell 5/11 Connor Beasley Flat 6f 16y Std 8st 12lbs
11/12/21 Wolverhampton 2/11 Lewis Edmunds Flat 5f 21y Slow 9st 5lbs
02/11/21 Redcar 10/13 P. J. McDonald Flat 7f Soft 9st 5lbs
15/10/21 Redcar 7/8 Connor Beasley Flat 5f 217y Gd/Sft 9st 5lbs
Southbank Racing, S Hollings, Ann Butler silk
No. 3 Draw 4

Lightly-raced maiden who offered little when last of 6 on handicap debut at York (7.9f, good to firm, 12/1) 29 days ago. Has work to do.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
08/07/22 York 6/6 Brandon Wilkie Flat 7f 192y Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
25/06/22 Chester 4/9 Joanna Mason Flat 7f 127y Gd/Frm 8st 13lbs
28/05/22 Beverley 2/6 Rowan Scott Flat 7f 96y Gd/Frm 9st 0lbs
16/05/22 Carlisle 7/12 Joanna Mason Flat 6f 195y Soft 9st 0lbs