Racing League On Sky Sports Racing Handicap (6) Class 6

  • Distance: 1m 1y
  • Age: 3yo
  • Runners: 6
  • Prize: £7,500
Deva Racing CA 1 silk
No. 5 Draw 2

17/2, respectable fourth of 12 in handicap at Yarmouth (7f, good to firm) 16 days ago. Could take a hand.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
21/07/22 Yarmouth 4/12 Pierre-Louis Jamin Flat 7f 3y Gd/Frm 0 9st 2lbs
08/07/22 Chepstow 6/11 Luke Catton Flat 7f 16y Gd/Frm 9st 6lbs
15/06/22 Nottingham 4/8 Alistair Rawlinson Flat 6f 18y Good 9st 9lbs
26/05/22 Haydock Park 5/8 Pierre-Louis Jamin Flat 6f 212y Good 9st 1lbs
24/01/22 Kempton Park 11/11 Pierre-Louis Jamin Flat 6f Slow 0 9st 8lbs
09/01/22 Southwell 7/9 Jane Elliott Flat 7f 14y Std 9st 1lbs
08/12/21 Kempton Park 6/7 Richard Kingscote Flat 7f Slow 8st 10lbs
10/11/21 Kempton Park 4/8 Richard Kingscote Flat 6f Slow 8st 12lbs
11/10/21 Wolverhampton 6/10 Liam Jones Flat 6f 20y Slow 8st 13lbs
19/08/21 York 19/20 Liam Jones Flat 6f Gd/Frm 9st 0lbs
01/08/21 Chester 3/7 Richard Kingscote Flat 7f 1y Good 9st 2lbs
10/07/21 Chester 2/4 Kieran O'Neill Flat 5f 15y Good 9st 4lbs
26/06/21 Chester 3/9 Liam Jones Flat 5f 15y Soft 9st 5lbs
24/04/21 Leicester 3/4 Richard Kingscote Flat 5f Good 9st 5lbs
13/04/21 Newmarket (Rowley) 7/8 Richard Kingscote Flat 5f Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
The Fat Jockey Partnership silk
No. 2 Draw 3

Modest maiden. 16/1, seventh of 8 in handicap at Brighton (9.9f, good) 39 days ago, doing too much too soon.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
28/06/22 Brighton 7/8 William Cox Flat 1m 1f 207y Good 9st 7lbs
06/06/22 Windsor 2/8 William Cox Flat 1m 31y Gd/Sft 9st 7lbs
11/05/22 Bath 6/13 Laura Pearson Flat 1m Good 9st 8lbs
09/03/22 Lingfield Park 5/10 Rossa Ryan Flat 1m 2f Slow 9st 7lbs
25/02/22 Lingfield Park 3/10 Laura Pearson Flat 1m 1y Std 9st 6lbs
05/02/22 Kempton Park 2/12 Rossa Ryan Flat 1m Slow 9st 5lbs
08/01/22 Kempton Park 5/7 Laura Pearson Flat 1m Slow 9st 7lbs
18/12/21 Lingfield Park 6/11 Jack Duern Flat 1m 1y Slow 9st 0lbs
29/10/21 Kempton Park 2/11 Silvestre De Sousa Flat 1m Slow 9st 0lbs
19/10/21 Kempton Park 2/14 Silvestre De Sousa Flat 1m Slow 9st 5lbs
02/10/21 Wolverhampton 3/12 Jack Duern Flat 1m 142y Std/Slow 9st 3lbs
13/09/21 Kempton Park 10/11 David Egan Flat 7f Slow 9st 0lbs
29/07/21 Goodwood 14/18 John Egan Flat 7f Gd/Sft 9st 0lbs
01/07/21 Epsom Downs 6/6 John Egan Flat 7f 3y Gd/Sft 8st 10lbs
Smart Trax Ltd silk
No. 6 Draw 4

17/2 and cheekpieces on for 1st time, good second of 13 in minor event at Southwell (8.1f) 17 days ago. Winner there has gone in again since and she has a good shout if in the same form now switched to polytrack.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
20/07/22 Southwell 2/13 P. J. McDonald Flat 1m 13y Std/Slow 0 9st 2lbs
12/06/22 Doncaster 7/12 Rossa Ryan Flat 7f 6y Gd/Frm 9st 7lbs
03/06/22 Goodwood 7/11 Ben Sanderson Flat 7f Gd/Frm 8st 8lbs
17/05/22 Nottingham 8/12 David Egan Flat 6f 18y Gd/Frm 8st 10lbs
06/05/22 Wolverhampton 9/10 George Downing Flat 5f 21y Slow 8st 13lbs
11/04/22 Pontefract 7/11 Ben Sanderson Flat 6f Soft 8st 12lbs
24/08/21 Salisbury 5/9 Jim Crowley Flat 6f Gd/Frm 9st 0lbs
Tony & Bev Culhane silk
No. 4 Draw 5

Fair maiden. 18/1, seventh of 8 in handicap at Wolverhampton (8.6f) 26 days ago. Makes polytrack debut and needs a revival.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
11/07/22 Wolverhampton 7/8 Stevie Donohoe Flat 1m 142y Slow 9st 7lbs
23/06/22 Newcastle 10/13 Duran Fentiman Flat 7f 14y Slow 8st 9lbs
08/06/22 Haydock Park 9/9 Duran Fentiman Flat 6f 212y Gd/Sft 8st 7lbs
20/05/22 Haydock Park 5/10 P. J. McDonald Flat 7f 212y Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
23/04/22 Haydock Park 5/13 Benoit de la Sayette Flat 7f 212y Gd/Frm H 8st 13lbs
01/04/22 Southwell 5/7 Jamie Spencer Flat 1m 13y Std 9st 5lbs
24/02/22 Southwell 3/9 Jamie Spencer Flat 7f 14y Std 8st 11lbs
11/02/22 Southwell 3/9 Rob Hornby Flat 7f 14y Std 9st 5lbs
13/09/21 Thirsk 6/10 Clifford Lee Flat 7f Gd/Frm 9st 5lbs
Mr David Hicken silk
No. 1 Draw 1

Lightly-raced maiden. Creditable second of 9 in handicap at this course (10f, AW, 9/4) 7 days ago, conceding first run. Has to be taken seriously back in trip.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
30/07/22 Lingfield Park 2/9 Robert Havlin Flat 1m 2f Std 9st 2lbs
20/06/22 Chepstow 2/9 Harry Davies Flat 1m 14y Gd/Frm 9st 7lbs
09/06/22 Nottingham 10/11 Angus Villiers Flat 1m 75y Gd/Sft 9st 5lbs
24/05/22 Lingfield Park 9/13 Jason Watson Flat 1m 2f Std 9st 2lbs
29/10/21 Newmarket (Rowley) 11/12 Martin Harley Flat 7f Good 9st 0lbs
Mr M. P. N. Tregoning silk
No. 3 Draw 6

Lightly-raced maiden. Fourth of 5 in handicap (7/1) at Brighton (9.9f, good) 24 days ago. Cheekpieces on 1st time. Something to find on form.

Date Course/Class Pos Jockey Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT
13/07/22 Brighton 4/5 Hayley Turner Flat 1m 1f 207y Good 8st 10lbs
20/06/22 Windsor 7/10 Hayley Turner Flat 1m 31y Gd/Frm 8st 13lbs
09/06/22 Newbury 9/12 Pat Cosgrave Flat 1m Good 9st 2lbs
29/11/21 Kempton Park 10/14 Callum Shepherd Flat 7f Slow 9st 0lbs