Cheltenham Festival special: Jamie Redkanapp investigates lads dressed as Peaky Blinders

By order of Jamie Redknapp!


Tweed waistcoat, matching flat cap and jacket. It’s the new unofficial dress code of the Cheltenham Festival and lads donning Peaky Blinders garb is set to increase by 60% over the next week. But why?


Why do thousands of racegoers every year decide to dress up like pretend 19th century gangsters? Is it to look hard? To fit in? That’s enough questions. We need some answers. Enter the fearless Jamie Redknapp to investigate once more.

Our intrepid reporter met printer repairer Graham, who has a penchant for the Peaky, as he prepared for another big day at the track with promises that things could get a bit tasty. But not all went to plan.

A pre-meet trip to the boozer leads to mockery from the landlord and locals over some interesting attire and poor Graham gets stood up. A bit of awkward Wordle breaks out and Jamie tries to make his excuses but considers staying for the quiz.

Eventually the cavalry arrives but they’ve forgotten their armour. The lads haven’t got the memo and have turned up in civvy clothes. Absolute disaster for Graham.

Despite protestations that ‘Peaky Blinders don’t do f**king quizzes’ the lure of the 2-4-1 cocktails the £50 Argos voucher top prize was just too strong and poor Graham was left sat in the pub looking like an extra from Oliver Twist.

It’s a tale of woe but one to be heeded in this week of weeks. The Peaky Blinders look can easily go south and you too could get called a ‘helmet’ by our Jamie. So, please, don’t Peaky blindly. Think about what you’re doing.


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