Ruby Walsh: How living with AP McCoy prolonged my racing career in England

Ruby opened up on living with AP McCoy during the latest episode of our From The Horse's Mouth podcast

Ruby Walsh AP McCoy


When I was looking for a base in England, James Nash suggested I ring AP and ask if I could stay with him. That’s basically how it started.

I’d definitely say staying with AP and Chanelle made my career in England – riding wise – a hell of a lot easier.


We were riding in a lot of the same meetings but whilst we were competitors on the track, we weren’t really competing for the same rides.

I was with Paul Nicholls and he was riding for Martin Pipe and then JP McManus so there was no crossover. We weren’t robbing rides off each other.

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We got on well, and we still get on great. I think that made it easier, living with him and having somewhere to call home when I wasn’t at home.

I think AP and Chanelle definitely prolonged my career in England.


I was lucky to ride for both Willie Mullins and Paul Nicholls, it worked out as a dream scenario in the end where I went back to Paul with what I could do which was a couple of days a week, meaning I could keep my job with Willie and ride for Paul in England.

It was getting your cake and eating it, and that’s what I went for.

Ruby Walsh AP McCoy

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I wasn’t aware of any resentment from other riders throughout my career for taking some of the best rides, but I’m sure there was.

I was operating in two weigh rooms and a lot of the time I was operating in isolation, because I was going from one trainer to the other. I wasn’t building a strong rapport in either weigh room, but that’s human nature.

I’m sure there was some resentment along the way but it didn’t overly bother me. I was more concerned about what I was doing, and what I could get and achieve for Ruby.


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