Ruby Walsh: I don’t think Frankie impacted the result but interference is interference

I doubt it did because it was so close to the line


I watched the race and obviously Frankie was within fractions of getting his first-ever victory in the Melbourne Cup. I don’t know if what happened had an impact on the result – and I doubt it did because it was so close to the line – but interference is interference.

The onus is on the jockey to keep his horse in line.

Frankie should have ridden less vigorously in propelling his horse forward and focused on keeping his horse straight.

It was a funny old weekend because obviously there was controversy at Ascot on Saturday as well with Diego Du Charmil and his stablemate Capeland.

If you were implementing the rules correctly even though it was accidental by Lorcan Williams and it wasn’t an intentional manoeuvre, he still ran another horse out. His interference was so impactful that he should have been placed behind Capeland.

It shouldn’t have to be intentional for the rules to apply.

Capeland was disqualified so that means you disqualify Diego Du Charmil as well.

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