Watch: Amateur jockey’s miraculous recovery makes Man United’s seems tame

It all looked to have gone wrong at the final fence on Sunday but Mikey Sweeney & Ask Heather had other ideas ...



It may have taken two bites of the cherry, but amateur jockey Mikey Sweeney pulled off the recovery of this – and probably any other season – at an Irish point-to-point meeting on Sunday.

With the race seemingly at the mercy of his mount Ask Heather, the pair clattered through the last fence to leave the partnership looking more fragile than British / EU relations.

But not only did the enterprising Sweeney somehow manage to reunite the pair with a sleeper hold Stone Cold Steve Austin would have been proud of – the willing horse and rider raised a final gallop past Whatsdastory to make Man United’s recovery under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seem tame.

Have a look for yourselves and hat tip to our pals at World Horse Racing for the slo-mo.

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