You ask and Paddy delivers! Introducing our new horse racing results

Paddy Power is here to help, that's why our tech wizards have been working round-the-clock to answer your calls for super-fast horse racing results...


Here at Power Tower we’re real zealots for self-improvement – I’ve knocked half an inch off the waistline thanks to my new quinoa-only diet in the last month – and now we’ve added a new horse racing experience that’s sure to please many of our plucky punters.

Say hello to our new horse racing results!

We’ve listened to your calls for a place to get the news of your winners, so now once your race finishes on site, it will switch almost immediately to the race results! How brilliant is that?! has the latest racing odds

Within just one minute of your horse flying over the finish line, the racecard will transition automatically to the race result, meaning you never have to leave the page!

I haven’t seen a plan come together like this since the A-Team were on the telly!

These new horse racing results are available now on all UK, Ireland, US and South African races, and you can even check all yesterday’s results too. Handy when you’ve just too many winners to keep track.

You’ve asked for it, now we’ve delivered.

Next up, we’re looking into that free trip to the Bahamas everybody wanted.

Watch this space…

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