Paddy Power’s Grand National 2018 Sweepstake Kit

Score money off your co-workers, friends and family on this year’s Grand National with our free sweepstake kit for the Aintree classic…



Racing’s biggest showcase the Grand National is right around the bend, and it’s that wonderful time of the year when everyone enjoys a bet on the horses.

Whether you are a racing fanatic or you couldn’t tell a horse’s hoof from it’s backside, the National is the race that captures all of our the imaginations.

So being the nice guys that we are, we’ve have designed you a fancy downloadable, printable, winnable 2018 Grand National Sweepstake Kit.

* These are now fully updated as of Friday’s final entries!

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Don’t our Design gurus do a fantastic job?

Instructions: All you have to do now is grab 39 others and get stuck in.

Click HERE or the link above to print off your sweepstake kit, cut out each horse, throw them all into a hat (preferably a top hat if you have one to hand, but even a sock will do) and the conduct a completely fair and reasonable draw – making sure the bloke in Finance you can’t stand draws an absolute donkey.

Good luck!

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