WATCH: Stick to the Plan and Bridget Andrews in one of the most shocking ever unseatings

With 20 yards to go, all was looking well with the horse 5 lengths clear...


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

As a partnership, Bridget Andrews and Stick to the Plan may now have entered the realm of infamy.

With the horse five lengths clear of second and just 20 yards to run, everything seemed to be in order. Andrews and her charge looked to be set up for a comfortable win.


Upon closer inspection, it seems as if Andrews lost the iron while jumping the last. She then regained a foothold only to lose it again and, in quite spectacular fashion, find herself suddenly clinging despairingly to the horse’s flanks.

Sadly for jockey, trainer and owner, she was unable to remain seated, and slid to the deck, allowing an undoubtedly disbelieving James Bowen to sweep home on Nemean Lion.

Luckily for punters, however, we’re generous people at Paddy Power, and still paid out on Stick to the Plan winning. Unlike the jockey in this instance, we’ve got your back!

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