TV Tips Cheat Sheet: The best bets on the tellybox from Ascot, Haydock & Lingfield

Five races, four tipsters and a whole lot of horses for a sizzling Saturday

TV Tips

It’s threatening to be hotter than Michelle Keegan on Saturday as the UK and Ireland shake off the winter blues and start swiping the cut-price Factor 20 off the shelves.

While Britain can’t decide whether they want to stay in or get out of Europe politically, most footie fans are prepared to spend a month in a camper van with four hairy-arsed blokes from Leeds once they ‘home nations’ aren’t home before the postcards.

But who is going to pay for all this largesse you’re probably not asking yourself right now as we serve up another Saturday of TV Tips.


Matt Chapman is no stranger to a 52-week tan, Paddy Power already has a studio apartment in Paris booked, while friend to the stars Turftalk Tom and the man with the best pidgin French in the business, Brendan Duke, combine to bring you some winners from across three meetings on Saturday afternoon.

Mountain Bell looks to be the filly the panel are pinning their hopes on with 75 per cent of the vote but there’s about as much agreement as you’ll find at a Republican Party Convention on the rest of the races to see who’ll be top dog on Saturday night.

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