2016 Grand National: Where did my horse finish?

What happened to your horse?

Grand Nationa - where did my horse finish

Where every runner in the race finished

A breakdown of how far every horse in the Grand National fared

Wow! It’s known as one of the gems of the sporting calendar and the 2016 edition of the Grand National didn’t disappoint. Four and a half miles of chaos and drama with the winner emerging unscatched to claim a famous victory. If you backed the winner, you’re probably not reading this but if you’re one of the many, many people who didn’t back the winner, here’s how every runner in the Grand National got on:

Grand National 2016 Result by fence

1st Rule The World @ 33/1
2nd The Last Samuri
3rd Vics Canvas
4th Gilgamboa
Superextrabonusplace 5th Goonyella

6th Ucello Conti
7th Vieux Lion Rouge
8th Morning Assembly
9th Shutthefrontdoor
10th Unioniste
11th Le Reve
12th Buywise
13th Just A Par
14th Pendra
15th Triol D’Alene
16th Many Clouds

1st Fence

Hadrian’s Approach (Unseated)

2nd Fence

Holywell (Fell)
First Lieutenant (Fell)

3rd Fence

4th Fence

5th Fence

6th Fence (Becher’s Brook)

7th Fence (Foinavon fence)

8th Fence (Canal Turn fence)

Romford Pelle (Unseated)

9th Fence

10th Fence

11th Fence

12th Fence

Rocky Creek (Pulled up)

13th Fence

14th Fence

Silviniaco Conti (Pulled up)

15th Fence (The Chair)

Sir Des Champs (Fell)
On His Own (Fell)

16th Fence (water jump)

17th Fence

18th Fence

Gallant Oscar (Unseated)

19th Fence

Ballynagour (Unseated)

20th Fence

21st Fence

Wonderful Charm (Pulled Up)
Soll (Pulled Up)
The Druids Nephew (Pulled Up)
Home Farm (Pulled Up)

22nd Fence (Becher’s Brook take 2)

Boston Bob (Pulled Up)
Aachen (Pulled Up)
Onenightinvienna (Unseated)
Katenko (Fell)

23rd Fence (Foinavon fence take 2)

24th Fence (Canal Turn fence take 2)

25th Fence

26th Fence

Double Ross (Pulled Up)

27th Fence

Kruzhlinin (Pulled Up)

28th Fence


29th Fence

Ballycasey (Unseated)

30th (Last) Fence

Saint Are (Pulled Up)

Grand National 2016 Result by alphabetical order

Aachen – pulled up 22ndh fence
Ballycasey – unseated rider 29th fence
Ballynagour – unseated rider 19th fence
Black Thunder – pulled up 21st fence
Boston Bob – pulled up 22nd fence
Buywise – finished 12th
Double Ross – pulled up 26th fence
First Lieutenant – Fell 2nd fence
Gallant Oscar – unseated rider 18th fence
Gilgamboa – finished 4th
Goonyella – finished 5th
Hadrian’s Approach – unseated 1st fence
Holywell – fell 2nd fence
Home Farm – pulled up 21st fence
Just A Par – finished 13th
Katenko – fell 22nd fence
Kruzhlinin – pulled up 27th fence
Le Reve – finished 11th
Many Clouds – finished 16th
Morning Assembley – finished 8th
O’Faolains Boy– NON-RUNNER
On His Own – fell 15th fence
Onenightinvienna – unseated rider 22nd fence
Pendra – finished 14th
Rocky Creek – pulled up 12th fence
Rule The World – Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Saint Are – pulled up last fence
Shutthefrontdoor – finished 9th
Silviniaco Conti – pulled up 14th fence
Sir Des Champs – fell 15th fence
Soll – pulled up 21st fence
The Druids Nephew – pulled up 21st fence
The Last Samuri – finished 2nd
The Romford Pele – unseated rider 8th fence
Triolo D’Alene – finished 15th
Ucello Conti – finished 6th
Unioniste – finished 10th
Vics Canvas – finished 3rd
Vieux Lion Rouge – finished 7th
Wonderful Charm – pulled up 21st fence

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