2016 Grand National Sweepstake Kit: Get set for the biggest race of them all with this nifty sweepstake kit

Win money off your friends and family by printing off Paddy Power's Grand National Sweepstake Kit

Get prepared for the biggest race of the year with Paddy Power's Grand National Sweepstake Kit

Grand National, Aintree, Saturday April 9 2016. Race time: 5.15pm

The Grand National is right around the corner, and it’s the one race of the year when every man, woman and child (over the age of 18 of course) has a flutter on the horses. Whether you know your form inside out or you couldn’t tell a horse’s head from it’s arse, the Grand National has something for everyone – and here at Paddy Power we bring you the 2016 Grand National Sweepstake Kit.

There are lots of sweepstake kits knocking around at this time of the year, but ours is darn pretty. And we all love pretty things in our lives.

  • Please note: These are not quite the final declarations. These are the correct horses entered at the time of writing, however our top man Stu in Design will be updating these as the declarations come out to make sure all the horses on your bits of paper are in the actual race.

So now all you have to do is grab 39 family members, friends or work colleagues and get stuck in. Click the link below to print off your sweepstake kit, cut out each horse, throw them all into a hat (preferably a top hat if you have one to hand) and the conduct a completely fair and reasonable draw – making sure the guy you don’t like in Finance draws an absolute no-hoper.

Giddy up for the Grand National!

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