Cheltenham Cheat Sheet Day Two: Be an Office Hero with the best tips on Wednesday at the Festival

Our crack team of tipsters give you the best bets for day two at Cheltenham so you can wow your friends and family

Get stuck into our table of tipsters and pass off the punts as your own

Everybody survive day one of the Festival? Good. Because day two is just around the corner and our tip cheat sheets have arrived.

If you’re new to the game, our Cheltenham tip cheat sheets are very simple. We’ve collected the opinions of our top tipsters (and Paddy Power) and thrown them into one handy PDF which you’ll find below. All you have to do is simply have a read or print them off, and then you can claim all the valuable insight is your own.

Hopefully a couple of the tips romp home, and you will look like the office hero. Friends and family will look at you with a new-found admiration and colleagues will stop sending you snarky emails. Probably.

Anyway, day two is coming right up and you can get rehearsing your modest ‘I’m the best tipster in the office’ speech now.

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