Epsom Derby Sweepstake Kit: Our dashing digital kit for Saturday’s Classic

Put away the pens and paper - Paddy's gone digital.


So you got The UK in our Eurovision sweepstake kit and your Grand National horse might have been pulled up after three fences – but there’s no judges, public vote or pesky fences in The Derby.

Maybe this time you’ll pick the favourite rather than the 80/1 outsider?

So buckle up and prepare to do battle with 13 friends, colleagues and random strangers your mates rope in with Paddy’s digital Derby Sweepstake Kit.

There’s no need for antiquated pens or paper either, oh no, this is fully digital and hosted in Paddy’s super high tech cloud. Look.

Who should you and your friends bet on this year? Let Paddy Power’s sweepstake picker decide. Find out….

Enter names here.

Press the comma ( , ) or enter ( ↵ ) key to add names.

You may enter up to 14 names. 14 slots remain.

That’s Your Sweepstake!

The Derby is drawing ever closer and Paddy’s trusty traders have priced up the odds for every runner – but who is the favourite to win this year’s big race at Aintree?

Click on the name of your horse to place a bet.

What could possibly go wrong?

Actually it’s super simple and easy to use. Just see who’s up for it, get their quid collected, enter their name into our magic sweepstake machine above and watch the draw unfold right in front of your eyes.

It all only takes about a minute. Are you watching UEFA?

Then you simply sit back and watch the big race as you selection finishes a hearty but agonising 5th and prepare your gracious presentation speech.

Easy peasy.



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