From the Horse’s Mouth podcast: Grill Ruby Walsh & Paddy Power on our Punters Panel special

The floor is yours.


Have you ever wondered what Ruby Walsh’s favourite colour is or whether he puts his left or right sock on first in the morning? Well, wonder no more friend because this is your chance to put all your burning questions to the great man.

That’s right, From The Horse’s Mouth is hosting the first Punter’s Panel episode of the podcast and you’re cordially invited to get involved and pose your questions to our top team.

There’s only one rule: Don’t mention the Annie Power fall!

On Monday you, the listeners, will have the opportunity to jump on a Zoom call with Ruby Walsh, Paddy Power and Frank Hickey to pose questions and even debate their answers if you’re feeling brave enough.

You can ask anything you like from proper serious racing questions to nonsense like how long Paddy thinks he’d last on Squid Game.

Ruby Walsh


If you’d like the chance to speak to Ruby, Paddy or Frank and appear on the show, just drop us a line on [email protected] to let us know you’re interested and we’ll be in touch. Easy peasy. Oh, and if you’re not already a subscriber to From The Horse’s Mouth, you can remedy that HERE.

So, get involved. It’s not every day you get to ask Frank what he had for breakfast, you know.


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