NFL Betting Guide for Beginners

Betting on NFL requires you to know the basics first.

NFL betting

NFL betting is enjoying a surge in popularity as fans this side of the pond feast on Red Zone action every weekend. Now the Super Bowl is fast approaching many punters are planning to bet on the big game, perhaps for the first time.

If you haven’t bet on NFL before and want to get stuck into the action before the Super Bowl then you’re in the right place.

This Paddy Power guide will take you through the ins and outs of this amazing sport. From the top NFL bets to learning a few tips along the way, we’ll show you the ropes in time for the big game. It all starts with knowing the rules.

NFL Rules

We’ll keep this short, promise. The point of NFL is to score points by advancing the ball across the opponent’s goal line and into the End Zone for a six-point touchdown, or kicking it through their goalposts.

Teams do this through running or passing plays, with the team in possession (offence) given four attempts to advance 10 yards. Every time they advance 10+ yards with the ball, the number of attempts (downs) resets to four. The team without the ball (defence) aims to stop the offence by tackling players, intercepting passes, or forcing fumbles. If the defence wins the ball back or the offence cannot advance the ball 10 yards in four plays then the defence gains possession. There are four quarters of 15 minutes in an NFL game.

NFL Bet Types

So, now we know the basics of NFL we can start to think about placing bets. To bet on NFL games you first need to sign up to Paddy Power. Once you have an active profile, it’s time to consider your options.

Below are the most popular types of bet NFL fans gravitate towards. We’ve also given you a few examples of how these bets relate to the rules of American football:

  • Game winner – You win an NFL game by scoring more points than the other team over four quarters. It’s rare but there’s a possibility of a draw (tie), at which stage the game goes to overtime. You can bet on a home win, away win, or draw… or you can wager with the draw eliminated from the options! This is the simplest form of NFL bet and the one most punters will gravitate towards when exploring the Super Bowl betting odds.
  • Total Points – There are a lot of points scored in NFL games. If you don’t support either team then betting on the number of points scored in a game can be a more entertaining option. You might, for example, bet above 40.5 points being scored in a game, or below that line.
  • Handicaps – NFL handicap betting is perhaps the best way to squeeze extra value from your match odds. With handicap betting, you back a team to win or lose while carrying a positive or negative points handicap. For example, you could bet on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl with a -7.5 handicap at better odds than the simple game winner odds. Here, San Francisco need to win by eight or more points for your bet to win!
  • Winning Margin – Similar to handicap betting, this bet type allows you to wager on the points difference between the two sides at full time. Back a team to win and their margin of victory. The most common option is between one and six points.

NFL betting guide

NFL Betting Tips

There are scores of other NFL betting options available to punters at Paddy Power. The Super Bowl naturally gets special attention, and you can wager on practically anything from the coin toss, to touchdown scorers and what will happen in each quarter.

Be sure to check the Paddy Power Super Bowl odds ahead of this year’s game to see what markets are available.

If you’re new to the sport and need some simple tips to get started then you’re in the right place. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Research the Teams – Super Bowl LVIII will be between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Make sure you know these teams inside out before betting. Both have exceptional quarterbacks and running talent, and it’s going to be hard to split the teams. Pour over the stats and get a better indication of which way this game will go.
  • Look at the Odds – If you’re new to NFL betting then the odds can help guide you to smarter decisions. If outcomes have short odds then they’re more likely to happen. So, betting on +40.5 points at Super Bowl LVIII is probably going to happen. You won’t win loads but you most likely will win.
  • Stick with the Match Odds – There are a lot of NFL bet options available during every game, let along the Super Bowl. If you’re stuck on what to do or don’t feel confident betting on more detailed markets then use the match winner odds as your base.
  • Try a Bet Builder – The Paddy Power Bet Builder lets you combine multiple bets into one big wager. You can see the updated odds in the sportsbook as you make your selections. This is a great way to boost your odds and dig into the fine details.
  • Follow the Game Live – Whether it’s a regular-season game or the Super Bowl, the best way to maximise your knowledge is to watch it all live. You can then access our live NFL odds and time your bets to perfection. Just head to the Paddy Power sportsbook during games to see the live odds!

See Our NFL Tips

So there you have it, a quick guide to NFL betting. If you want more pointers, detailed analysis, and access to the latest odds then check out our NFL tips page right now!

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