What is a Treble bet in sports betting?

A treble bet is nowhere near as complicated as it might appear.

treble bet

Treble bets are one one of the first types of multiple bets that punters begin to dabble with when learning about maximising profit potential.

The great thing about trebles is they can greatly widen your odds when you’re betting on supposed dead-certs, especially when it comes to horse racing betting and football.

The whole point is to bet on three outcomes and hope they all come off. In this guide we’ll take you through the intricacies of treble bets and explain why they’re not as daunting as you might first suspect.

What does treble mean in betting?

A treble in betting refers to a bet where you make three individual selections. All three must win in order for your bet to pay out.

The reason punters place treble bets is because the profit potential is far greater than if you were to make three individual wagers. That’s due to the three selections being tied to each other. If one pick in your treble loses then the whole bet falls apart.

Work out a treble bet

Working out a treble bet takes a little bit of mental maths, which is why most people use Paddy’s treble bet calculator instead. You can also see your treble odds in the Paddy Power bet slip when you make your three selections.

However, if you want to calculate a treble bet yourself, here’s how it’s done with an example from Paddy’s horse racing markets:

You plan to bet on three successive races from Dundalk. You pick:

  • Mary Shoelaces in the 16.10 at odds of 5.50
  • Exquisite Acclaim in the 16.45 at odds of 5.00
  • I Bid You Ajou in the 17.15 at odds of 3.75

treble betting

To work out the treble by hand, you need to multiply all three odds today. In this instance that’s: 5.5 x 5 x 3.75 = 103.12

A £10 wager will therefore earn you over £1,000 if all three picks win.

Now, say you hadn’t done a treble at Dundalk but instead bet £3.33 on each horse individually. You’d have risked £9.99 in order to win a combined £47.45 back. Suddenly that treble looks a far better option.

treble bet example

Can I get treble bet insurance?

Sadly it’s not possible to get treble bet insurance. Trebles are the same as accumulators but Paddy’s acca insurance only applies to multipliers of five legs or more. If you think your treble is on to a loss and want to cut your losses then the best thing to do is to cash out, even if you don’t reap any profit.

Best sports for treble bets

Here are the most common sports used for treble bets:

Horse racing – Most treble bets focus on horse racing because punters generally know what they’re going to bet on before a race meet get underway. Rather than betting on individual races, punters instead combined their wagers into trebles to maximise profit potential. Some create even bigger multiples, but many find the treble to be the perfect line between risk and reward.

Football – A treble when football betting is effectively a short-form acca or multiplier. Three selections will get you through the televised games on a Saturday or Sunday, or perhaps a day of group games in the World Cup.

Darts – Betting on trebles in darts doesn’t necessarily mean you’re backing players to hit double tops. Instead, darts treble bets are used to back three heavy favourites to progress to the next round of a tournament. This is ideal in, say, the World Darts Championship where the big guns usually avoid early upsets.

Snooker – Like darts, snooker is an ideal sport for treble bets because you can back the low-odds favourites to win their opening rounds, group them into a treble, and get better-value odds.

Can I cash out a treble bet?

It’s easy to cash out treble bets at Paddy Power and lock in profit before everything goes wrong! Cashing out allows you to get ahead of the game and cut short a winning before while there is still risk in the wager. Perhaps you’ve won your first two selections and are worried the third won’t come good. Or maybe you feel you’re onto a losing bet, so want to cut your losses and recoup at least some of your stake.

No matter your situation, simply hit the Cash Out button at Paddy Power and finish your treble at the moment it suits you.